Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Restoration Has Changed My Life

Well I have about 3 more times left to write and so I would like to share a couple things that I have learned on my mission as my last letters.  

One of the most important principles I have learned on my mission is about the Restoration and the importance of it.  I Think that there in Utah I took that for granted a lot of times.  The Restoration is one of the most important events that has happened on this planet.  I remember a number of times I was asked to talk and share about the importance of the Restoration in my life personally and as I have sat down to really ponder about the importance of this event I have come to the following.  

Every event in our lives is affected by that moment.  Can you imagine being young Jospeh in that moment.  Being in that situation and what 14 year old kids thinks about Future salvation in a world that he does not know, and faith through a "Savior" that he has never met.  Everytime I think about this it just makes me think about in the Pre earth Life what he was like?? and When I finally get to meet him in some future What will he be like then?? 

I think about the diligence, faith, obedience, and all the other attributes that he had.  Where were those developed? what type of parents he must have had!  

I think about the persecutions that later he faced.  I think about how much faith, love, and charity he must have had.  How much he loved Christ.  

He is a Prophet.  He holds those restored keys.  I know it.   And I make sure everyone I teach knows, that I do know it.  That I love it, and I live it.

Now I think how has the Restoration changed my life.

Every moment of my life has been changed by it.  where would I be with out the church? Where would I have been born? what habits, beleifs or morals would I have? 
If you think about it experiences even in sports growing up has been affected by that very moment that the Prophet Joseph decided to pray.  

If it wasn´t for the Restoration The priesthood would not be here.   With out the Priesthood There are no Eternal families.  There are no Fathers blessings.  There are no Saving ordinances.  Which would mean that we are all lost creations of some God that doesn´t want us to return to him.  But were not.  We are literal sons and daughters of a God.  Who make and keep covenants with him.  have personal relations with him and receive very personal guidance and manifestations from him. Only made possible through a complete Restoration.  

We have now Prophets and Apostles that guide us.  This is one thing that before I took for granted and never again will take for granted.  There are living prophets and apostles.  who have been called directly from Christ to represent him.  And one thing I have learned is that as we follow what they say, we are following Christ and we will ALWAYS have success.  It may seem weird or doesn´t make sense but as we follow the bretheren it ALL works out.  I recently was able to renew my temple recomend, and after my mission I will never take for granted the opportunity to sustain a living prophet.  I sustain, love, follow, and will always testify of him and the keys he holds.  I know they are special witnesses of Jesus Christ.

The Covenants that were Restored also are real and have power within them.  I will talk more about that later.

The Priesthood literally is the power of God.  Of that I have a personal witness.  I am so grateful that the Lord provided me with the opportunity to witness and be part of exercising that great power.  There are miracles all around us.  The stories that we read in the Bible and Book of Mormon of the miracles and great events have not stopped but continue today.  I am a special witness of that.  

The Restoration happened.  It is real.  The Church is the Church of Jesus Christ.  The only true, living, divinely guided church upon the face of the earth.  I am so grateful for the time that I have to share this message and be a representative of that exact church.  The Church of Jesus Christ.  

Your Son,

Elder Harrop 

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