Sunday, October 2, 2016

What Size Shoe Are You?

Sounds like everything is going great there!! It makes me really glad to see and hear that everyone is doing well and that your all having fun.  That makes me really happy!! 

This week was good as always!!! 

Had a couple of funny stories actually.  

I got a text from President on saturday asking me if I could drop by the office and open it up for him because he had to change to go to a stake conference.  
President and his family saturday went to the zoo and so they put all their church clothes in their car to change on the way to stake conference that night.  They stopped by the office to change and Hermana Stauffer comes out and goes " Hey Elder Harrop can you go see if Presidents Shoes are in the car?" so I go out to the car and can´t find them.  I walk back in and President walks out of his office without shoes and withot a tie and says to me "Well I beleive my tie is also with my shoes somewhere.  Elder What size of shoe are you?" So I took my shoes and Tie off and thats how he went to Stake Conference!! With my tie and my shoes!! 

It was really funny to walk back to my room without shoes and a tie after, the neighbors thought someone had robbed me. But I had to explain to them no.  But it made for a good story! 

We should be looking good for this month!! We have to finish well and so here goes nothing to the big finish!!!!

I love you all and hope the best for you.  

Elder Harrop

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