Sunday, October 2, 2016

The Calling of a Missionary

Well This week was good!! We had Elder Montoya come in and do a training for the mission (he´s from the area presidency)  So I spent a lot of time organizing all the stuff for his arrival making sure that all the logistical things were done and ready for him and everything and then not to mention getting out and working.  

This week is the last week that I have to baptize.... the following week is General conference and so we can´t baptize so this is my last week to baptize.......
Fortunatley we have someone this week to be baptized!!! So I¨m praying with all my heart that everything goes well so he will be baptized.  Here goes nothing!!

Today President Invited us to his house to thank us for everything we did for the Elder Montoya training, so we went early to his house and had a barbecue there.  I have come to really love Peruvian food but a good old thick beef burger with Brautwurst sure was good.  Not to mention I threw a baseball and played wiffleball for the first time in two years with President!!! It was a blast.  So it was a good week!!

One of the things that I have come to understand and appreciate is the calling of a missionary.  I think that it is really sad that many people and even members take for granted the calling to a missionary.  They don´t understand exactly what it means to be a missionary of Jesus Christ.  

I know that when I was set apart as a missionary I was not set apart to be another gringo with a name tag in Peru.   A missionary is a set apart, disciple, and representative of Jesus Christ.  The Authority of  worthy missionary is evident.  When Chirst. said "go and preach to all creature baptizing them in the name of the father and of the son of the holy ghost."   That was not a good suggestion for whomever.  It was a commandment with a promise and a commitment for all those who take on this sacred commission.  

A missionary literally represents Christ.  He does what he would do, acts as he would act, says what he would say, literally representing Christ in all.  

It always has been very interesting to me the fact that for example in places where the missionary is the branch president, the missionary does not have to be set apart by his mission president to be the branch president.  But with the calling that he has permits him to act as that judge in that branch.  When missionaries do Baptismal Interviews they literally act as judges to determine if the person can act upon the Atonement of Christ by receiving those ordinances.  And the missionary is the one to open the door to all that.  The missionaries are the ONLY ones that can exercise the first keys of saving ordinances in their area.  Not even a Stake president is allowed to do that but only the missionaries that have been assigned under the keys that the mission president posseses can exercise those blessings.  

A missionary is a true representative of Christ.  And i´m so grateful for the experiences that I have to had and the time that I have been given to be able to come and understand and exercise that.  I will never take that for granted.  The best part is that the commitment was not only for the mission but extends for all of our lives.  

I love you all.

Elder Harrop 

Pitching against President Stauffer

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  1. Thanks for your dedicated service Elder! I served in Barranca in 1982 when it was in the MPLN. I was looking today to see which mission it is now in, and then I wanted to find a blog of someone who had served there recently. I found yours, and was hoping you might give me a call when you get home as I would like to ask you a few questions about members I knew there and the growth of the church there after more than 30 years! My name is Phil Smith, and I can be reached at 801 448-4633. Thanks.