Sunday, August 30, 2015

Missionary Quote

"A ship is safe in the harbor but thats not what ships are for. The Lord will show you in which oceans you need to navigate. Don't be afraid to leave for the open sea. Don't be afraid to confront the waves of your future or the storms of challenges.

We have examples from the scriptures and from Church history of people who had faith to leave their safe harbors and accomplish great things. We have the capacity to follow their example.

I promise that if you have faith in God, you will have the lighthouse of the gospel to help you and to bless your life. God will be with you. You are part of the most marvelous generation that has lived on the earth, and you are a great hope for the world. Your example and testimony will touch the lives of all you meet in the great adventure of your mortal life." 
Elder Claudio Costa

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