Sunday, August 30, 2015

Book of Mormon changes lives....

Tomorrow is the independence day for Peru!!!! I`m way excited about it too!!! tomorrow I have got my Peru shirt with beanie and I bought a flag and so we are going to go around running with our faces painted tomorrow in peruvian colors!!! I`m way excited!!!!

Benjamin is great! haha hes so funny.  the other day  we were teaching them and he woke up in the middle of the lesson walked out of the other room and peed right there on the floor hahahahahahahaha I laughed so hard.  The floor is all just dirt and so it didn`t really matter but he just woke up walked out and let it go in front of everyone hahahaha I laughed my guts out.
We had the baptism of Manuel and his family!!! Jose Fernando and Ruth and his littlest son (downsyndrome) Benjamin.  It was great!!! It all turned out just as planned which NEVER happens.  It really was a true miracle!! They are awesome.  It was way cool also because the brother in law of Manuel was able to baptize him and his kids!! That was cool to see also.  I respect Manuel a lot.  He has it pretty rough.  But he is always happy and just is grateful for what he has!!  He thought of his baptism as the greatest privilege.  He said he was so humbled just to put on the baptism clothing.  What a family.  He's also really funny.  He kept on telling me all day Sunday "hermano you saved my soul" and just kept giving me hugs. hahahaha it was really funny.  But it all went really well and I ended up giving those pants that I grew out of to them and his kids to use.

The family of the single mother is getting there. But thats what I like about it here is that really there is so much going on so many people your teaching that theres just always something to look forward too.

One thing I saw this week is how The Book of Mormon changes lives.  I have told you all a lot about Liz (recent Convert) and all the problems she had.  And they were big.... But she has now finished the Book of Mormon. In less than 2 months She has dived straight into it and really it has changed her life.  She now does not drink She is HAPPY  She tells us that really all that she was looking for before Peace in her life, just to feel good in general! she has now found. She is loving it And it makes her Mom SOOOOOO happy.  Just because she has been reading the Book of Mormon.  We haven`t done anything.  I know for a fact we didn`t do anything.  It was all the Book of Mormon.  We now take her with us to do lessons and she has the most powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon. Its incredible. It really changes lives.  Now she has been sharing the Gospel with others and we have two other families that are progressing to baptism dates because she has introduced us to them.  The Book of Mormon changes lives.  It has changed mine.

It sounds like your all enjoying the summer and I`m glad!! enjoy it all!! I hope you all take care of the dog because it sounds like you guys love it!!!! I love you!!

Elder Harrop

 The Soto Family who we have reactivated!!! Gualberto, Aurora, Julie, Brenda, Jack ,Sam
Manuel , Josue, Fernando, Ruth, Benjamin

Liz, Graciela, Maria and sons

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