Sunday, August 30, 2015

Timing is everything....

Well This week was good.  
Today we went and played soccer and basketball with all the guys.  It was weird playing basketball again.  Needless to say i`ve got a lot to improve.!! but its alright ill still beat jordan.  
Things keep progressing and we really can see how the Lord guides his work.  This week we have the baptisms of the single father and his kids.  ( His youngest son is disabled.  imagine that)   but everything is going really well! Its really interesting because talking with the branch president yesterday I told him about the baptisms and when I told him he looked at me and said "really??" I was a little shocked like.  He then went on to tell me that the branch had been trying to get them to baptized for over 5 years now.  But they never would do it.  He said wow i`m really glad that they are finally going to do it! congrats! It made me think really just how the timing of everything really is of the Lord.  Who would have thought that five years ago the Lord was thinking about this white kid who was going to come here five years later was gonna have some really weird things happen to the potential baptisms he wasn`t going to understand why but this kid was going to pray and fast for a miracle and the Lord was going to grant it. He was preparing them for that time.  And not five years ago.  
The Lord guides his work sometimes I don`t understand why this happens why that happens but the Lord guides it all.
Well I hope all is well and that you are enjoying the summer!! Love you all! 
This is a returned missionary who took us out to lunch!! 

This is Hermano Maguin and his wife Rosario.  this week they got sealed!!! They are one of the families we work a lot with.  It is amazing the love and dedication they have for the gospel.  They have been members for less then three years.  She is the Relief Society president and he is the assistant to the branch president.  Needless to say he was a little tired.  He hadn`t slept for over 30 hours.  so he was a little tired. haha 
Luz y Carla went and did baptisms for the dead this last week!! I sent them with my camera so that they could take a photo of it all.  They absolutely loved it.  To go to the temple the branch had to rent a bus to take for 2 hours to get to the temple together.  Crazy how much different it is here than in Utah.....

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