Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Miracle in the middle of nowhere

Theres a lot of humanitarian work to be done here in Peru. The thing is that in every part there are different things to be done.  I would definitely say to keep going with this shelter for the kids with disabilities this is perfect.  If you guys are also looking for something other to do I would say with houses.  I have actually built a couple of houses here.  I had to choose a hill, take a big metal rod, chip the rocks out of this hill, and put four wood walls, nail them together, and place them on the side of the hill.  That’s how a lot of the houses here are.  Needless to say if a strong wind comes all the houses are coming down but that’s just how the culture is.  Like I said it might be different where you guys are because the closer you get to central Lima the nicer it gets.  But if he feels like theres something that I can help you guys with I would say houses.  

Layton won the State Championship?????? Matt Cragun huh.  good for him.  Tell them congrats for me. I bet Miller is very very happy and so tell him congratulations for me also!! 

I’m really really excited to hear all about baseball season this year.  Its gonna be fun to hear what happens how they do and how especially Jordan does.  I want a lot of pictures of baseball season please.  Have you talked to Ferneau how is he doing?? how does he feel?? 

Good old Jonathan never gets old does it!! what a funny kid.  And it sounds like hes doing really well with basketball!! hows the comp team doing with the day boys and all of them?? Grandpa told me that he loves watching Jonathan play because he just is an energy ball.  He could be making up for the all of the music talent that the older kids lacked.  Actually this week I learned to play a song on the Piano.  One of the other Elders taught me.  I can’t remember the name of the song but I learned how to do it! To be honest its kinda weird but thats one of the goals I have set for after the mission is learn to play more instruments to have somewhat of a music sense.  I think I wanna play the guitar though because I think that sounds the best out of all them.  Guido has taught me a little bit but nothing too big.  I’m glad that Jonathan practices a lot too. That’s awesome hes gonna be quite the player!! 

Ill be honest I knew you were going to turn the job down.  I knew that you were the only one that was good enough to receive the offer but I knew you were gonna turn it down.  You just gotta love Ogden.  I love hearing these stories especially now because I know exactly how it is.  The people here are so funny.  They just don’t have filters and they just go off and say whatever is on their mind whether its true or not and it makes me laugh.  I told you guys about the guy who started dancing and singing when I prayed once I think and it was one of the funniest things Ive ever seen. so now I understand  a little bit more what its like. hahaha

This week we had stake conference so we couldn’t baptize anyone because they couldn’t be confirmed the next day...... but its alright because the conference was really good. One of the families we are working with is the family de Ricardo y Jovannah and they are the best we found them literally in the middle of nowwhere it was a miracle but they had a lot of problems and all this were praying and seeking to find a church to join when we met them.  They are the best the greatest family I have met here.  Always on time ready listen want to learn and are willing to do anything.  We teach Sabbath day they say "yeah we wont shop or do any of that now we will do it Saturday then"  tithing "yeah im willing to pay anything" in five minutes they gave up Tea and Coffee.  They seriously are the best.  They have two little kids who are so funny.  They are a little crazy but so funny.  In stake conference yesterday they were a little wild and so I gave them my Agenda to draw and I played Tic tac toe with them so now my Agenda is just covered in drawings. haha. They really are the best.  They are getting baptized the 14th!! along with the wife of Guido I hope.  Shes awesome just needs to stay sober. hahaha

You are the best I love the emails always and I hope you have the best of Weeks!!! Love you!! K well I think im out Love you guys and hope you have the greatest week ever! love you!!! 

We made a day for the sealing of victor y kassandra and so here is there sign!!

Ricardo y Jovannah after an English class!! 

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