Monday, March 23, 2015

March 9, 2015

Good Old Richard.  He always tells me I talked with your mom this week!! I talked wit your Brother!! It was quite funny to hear about all of it.  He was so excited for the package you sent him.  He came knocking on my door yelling through the door Elder Harrop!! Elder harrop I have a package from your parents!!! Hes a great guy a little interesting and yes likes to message you guys a lot but take care of him hes a good guy and helps us a lot here as missionaries.  
Yeah If its the message that I think it is for like the first eight seconds I was just trying to get him to talk to me but then finally I was just like screw it and I started talking.  So hope you liked it.  As far as the last name goes Im gonna pronounce it like for the rest of my life probably..... its just second nature now.  

Good old Jonathan thats awesome.  Its funny because before Alex said one time when i went to your ward you were blessing the bread your mom leading the music jordan passing the sacrament and you guys basically ran that whole sacrament.  Now even more so with dad blessing too! haha

Yeah good luck with the biscuits and gravy thats gonna be crazy.  But hope you have fun with it.!!
Tell Gage hi for me and that I hope hes happy to be home!! tell him "cuidate mucho y espero que el encuentre una esposa pronto!"

Well it was meant to be that your coming down here then!! Richard was saying that if you guys went to the temple he would meet you guys there but you can cordinate that better than I can with him!! 

This week really was just a normal week We didnt have any Baptisms which was sad....... but the Hermanas in my ward asked me If I would baptize their Investigator and So I got to baptize her. This week though we should have three!!!! WE have Ricardo y Jovannah and they seriously are the best ever.  I have never met a family like them.  They are the exact definition of Golden Investigators.  Everything was going so good with them and they were more than excited to get baptized this week when this morning something sad happened..... someone robbed their house..... everything..... I was so mad because they are such good people and have such good intentions and its such a big week and this happens.  I mean it makes sense why it happened.  Because obviously someone doesnt want them to get baptized but its just so sad to see..... but we talked with them today and they are trugging along.  And the first thing they asked us was "we still have our baptismal interview tomorrow right?" so I know that they will keep going along.  She has to work this saturday but she told me "I will gladly miss work to get baptized".  they reallly are something else.  
The third is the wife of Guido the one that came drunk to her husbands baptism.  hahahaha she is so funny.  And since that day has not drank.  She went to a party with her family and her family tried to get her to drink and they were making fun of her but she didnt give in and didnt drink.  So Hopefully she makes it till saturday!!! 

Well should be a pretty crazy week but I wouldnt have it any other way. I hope all is well and that you are enjoying having Gage home!! Love you guys!!! 

My district after playing basketball
 Ricardito made a cupcake for me and Elder Romero!! 

We had to chip out all the rock from here with these rods to build a house for an inv.  it was pretty dang neat i must say.  

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