Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mi padrino

So this week was the baptism of Guido!!!! one of the funniest guys ive met here.  He’s this sixty year old retired military man who just tells it how it is and I love that man!!!! 
His baptisms was one of the funniest ones Ive ever been apart of.  So right before his baptism we had correlation meeting with the other missionaries and mission leader and so I gave Guido his clothes told him Im just gonna be over in this room when your done come and get me knock on the door.  well I was in correlation talking about stuff when a member came and knocked on the door and said "Elder Harrop there’s someone out here calling your name" so I went out real quick and started looking for guido he wasnt in the bathroom the sacrament room and then all the sudden I hear this voice coming from the baptism font so I went over there opened the door and he was already half in up to his knees!!! and then he yells out "Im ready to be baptized!!! Even if I have to do it myself Im gonna do it!!" hahahahahah I was dying I explained that we were gonna have a hymn and a talk and a prayer before and so he got out and we went and sat down but it was just so funny and really humbling that someone was so excited to make this covenant with the Lord!! so it all went really well and after he bore his testimony and in his testimony he said "I would like to thank Hermano Harrop for teaching me and being like my padrino well I didn’t get what that was but then after they explained it to me and it means God Father. hahahahah It made me laugh really hard.
Then after we were taking photos with all of the family of Guido and while we were taking photos his wife (who was half drunk at the time also a little bit funny) shouted out "lets love God above everything else" and I just busted up laughing it was so funny.  And then after we treated ourselves to a nice dinner of Pollo a la Brasa.  It was a pretty dang good day.
This Job offer sounds like a pretty good deal?? How much more time would it affect?? decisions like this are always difficult but I guess the thing that ive learned more than anything maybe is with priorities.  and especially with decisions if we make the decision that one is best for the Lord, second for the Family, third for us, then It is the right decision.  And God always promises us that he will help us to realize that which is best for him the family and us so that we can be sure what is the right decision.  I know that you will make the right decision and God is blessing you with great new opportunities So I will be very excited to hear next week what you chose!! 

I have heard of this story (Austin Hatch) a little bit before and its an awesome story.  And really its another thing that I’ve thought a lot about.  It’s what I want to do with my mission, my life, do I want it to be something ordinary or something extraordinary? and sincerely I’m not here to be ordinary, to be common or another person.  I’m taking advantage of every little thing that I have in my life and that means you have to do the things that others wont do to be what others wont be.  That really is a great story and you can learn a lot from it! 
I love all of you guys and I’m looking forward to reading all of your emails right now!!! 

Guido just before he got baptized!!! 

Elder Romero  and I 

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