Thursday, February 19, 2015

Valentines Day!!!

hahahahahahahahahahahahah Oh my goodness those are the best videos ive ever seen in my life.(referring to dance videos of Jonathan at the 6th grade Valentines Day dance)   Im serious I cant beleive that... Im laughing right nowt that is the funniest thing ive ever seen.  You have to save those videos forever because that is awesome quite the trend setter there with the worm dance too I see.  Yeah Dad told me about the mudding incident.  That is kind of funny I must admit.  Its sad that all that happened but it is kind of funny.  Im just glad the truck starts again.  Hope theres not too much permanent damage!  well that would be nice to have Nan and Bennett that close and im sure the kids are loving having candy all of the time in our house!! And I guarantee you dont run out of Diet Coke anytime soon!! How are they?? adjusting and everything?? Tell them hi for me! And My guess is that Nan comes back with a big old truck one of these days just to show everyone up but she will say that is really for four wheel drive.  but we all know its just to show everyone up whos boss.  I Dont know if the ward can handle another part of the harrop family....

I cant wait to hear all about your trip to Peru!! you are going to love it.  Who are you all coming down with in april and again in summer??? Whats the name of district your building this in?? I hope its a nice area.  if its not a nice area mom Dont stay there.  Stay somewhere nice.  Just dont even risk it.  
Mom I love you and never forget that.  There is nothing more that I could wish for than to be with you guys here. But Just come down and concentrate on your project and enjoy it.  Ill be fine in my area  its going by fast! 

My comp is very good!! hes from Bolivia.  Also a big kid so The lord must be telling me to gain a lot of weight because the past two companions ive had are pretty big dudes!! Hes awesome though.  Hes a little shy and timid around others but when its just us hes totally fine. Hes got about 10 months in the mission yeah hes awesome! I do miss Elder Johnson though It was so fun to be with him.  We always had such a good time together haha.    I´m Still here in Miramar!! and Honestly I dont want to go anywhere else.  I love it in this area.  The people here are awesome.  the Ward is amazing.  and theres just something about this area that just feels like its home. So maybe ill get lucky and just stay here my whole mission!! 
We have another Baptism this week of a guy named Guido!! one of the funniest guys ive ever met.  he has some funny stories and is awesome.  very prepared and always is very active to participate.  so should be good!! This week not a lot happened because of transfers and we had another training this week so we kinda got cut short. but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done! I love all the stories you guys send and the videos are the best things ive ever seen! I love you guys and Hope you all are doing so well!!! Love you!!

Elder Johnson - "Christ lives"

This is when I got drafted to go play soccer for this team.  They took me number one and even gave me that hat and everything to prove I got drafted just like in the NBA.  
A ward activity.  The Relief Society pres. asked if she could use my camera for this activity and so heres some pics of that they cooked a lot of Chifa! 
Relief Society ladies! 

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