Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Craziest week ever!!!!

These past couple weeks have been some of the craziest weeks I have ever been apart of.  It seriously was crazy.  I have told you most of what happened the past couple weeks and really my words cant even describe the half of it.  I think I forgot parts too but oh well.  This week was just as nuts.  It all seemed to be going really well until about thursday when we were meeting with Victor y Kassandra they were both really excited to be baptized and married and I was really excited for them.  Then they brought up the subject of their whole families drink and so they are going to want to make a toast and they dont want to be rude  and deny the toast and so they were talking about so we had another direct talk not as intense as the other one but literally I feel I have to straight push them in every direction sometimes so finally I got them to say "alright we wont do it" Then sunday night they had their interviews.  I called in the morning for church and to explain the interviews and Victor told me that he couldnt come to church that he had to go buy stuff for his wedding and this was the only time I tried so hard to get him out of it but I couldnt.  Kassandra came and Victor has more than enough attendances so it wasnt a huge problem but at the same time he needs to be there.  I made him promise me the interviews that night though and he  kept telling me yeah ill be there ill be there. After church he called me and started explaining the same doubts as before and he didnt want to get baptized that day and he wanted to wait just like every investigator does so again I made him promise that he would just come to the interviews. and he said he would. that time came that night and none of them showed I called probably 20 times and neither answered we went by their house they werent there their father was drunk telling us that they had left and legitmately I thought Theres no way this happens tomorrow.  they wont answer we have no way of getting a hold of them.  They have these doubts we have no way of helping them because we cant get a hold of them.  That night I went out on the roof and I just prayed.  I seriously Had no idea what else we could do. we called like literally 50 times gone by their house and I just prayed hoping that by some Miracle it would happen.  I knew that if we did everything we could that God would help us with the rest but I just was just trying to figure what else we needed to do.  We went to bed and the next morning at about 6 We got a call.  it was victor and he told me  Elder Harrop Im ready Im getting married this morning and after I am getting baptized.  they had their interview at 7 am this morning and after got married and baptized.  it was an experience ill never forget.  If we do all that is in our power to accomplish something the Lord truly blesses us with the rest.  After all that we can do we are saved.  

The thing about Peruvians is that they are always always always alwyays late.  to everything.  After their Interviews we went by their house to go with them to their wedding a little before and I walk into their house 30 minutes before they ar supposed to get married.  Kassandra wasnt home she was out shopping Victor hadnt showered still had to get his hair cut just walking around blowing up balloons and I couldnt help but just laugh.  They literally were getting married in 30 minutes.  I called Kassandra and I was like where are you, youre getting marred in 30 minutes and she was like oh yeah I know.  I was like are you like ready in your dress and everything or what are you doing?? Shes like no I still have to shower shop get my hair done at the salon and get home to change into my dress.  I just laughed.  I told her I was like Yeah ill go talk to the Municilpalidad  then and make sure they know.  by the end of it they literally were an hour and a half late to their wedding.  It was just so typical peruvian it made me laugh.  But it got done and Im so so so so so releived.  

Ive got pictures of both the wedding and baptism but ill have to send them next week because its on another camera so ill forward them to ou next week.  

Love you guys!!!

Elder Harrop 

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