Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Birthday Boy

Jonathan looks so big in that one picture with everyone in the Bishops office like he look huge!  But that is awesome.  Good for him  I think they should have him share his article of Faith next week just to show everyone up but that is awesome great for him! I still remember him breaking that mic with that bottle. that was a fun one.  
Happy Birthday to him huh! Sounds like it was a great day I hope he enjoyed it!! and it is very typical Jonathan it looks like crashing on the couch.  Im glad that he hasn`t changed too much.  hitting the three to send it into overtime huh?? wow dang good for him!! id like to say i taught him that one but.....  Tell him happy birthday for me and I miss him! 
Sounds like the superbowl was a pretty good game!! and Im surprised you actually paid attention to the half time! Katy Perry huh.  
The picture of Jordan and Ferneau makes me laugh Jordan is huge.  and that blue suit is nice.  Hes looking like a pimp with the white shoes on and everything.  but thats good show a little personality. 

Well the Family is getting married!!!  this week was honestly the biggest rollercoaster of my life.  Monday we spent the whole Pday trying to get all of their stuff done and it was nuts.  It went from them not even having the money to pay 50 centimos to get to the municipalidad to then once they got there the medical place wouldnt give them the form without a picture photo which they didnt have and had to buy.  well they literally did not have the money to buy the photo so i ended up paying the 6 soles to buy the photo whether its against rules or not I dont know but shhh..  then after the medical place lost all their forms so we waited there for over an hour for them to find these forms when they found them (in the folder that they were supposed to be in the first place) we literally ran to the municipalidad becase they were going to close, we convinced them to stay open for a bit longer because they were missing a witness for their marriage well we ran to find a member that would do it.  This was a miracle the first member we went to she opened the door we explained she said oh yeah I would love to and then told us that she actually just happened to have a copy of the DNI that they needed and gave it to us and we ran back.  Then the next thing they had to do was to pay the next day.  He gets paid daily and his bus driver was sick that day and didnt have any money to pay so we convinced the guy to allow him to pay the next day. next day came and the bus driver was able to work for an hour which didnt pay enough to do this so we then got a call that they couldnt get married the original day.  I really was so mad.  We had been calling every day for the past three weeks at their house every day getting them ready for this for three weeks and every day they came up with an excuse for why they couldnt do it.  I was so mad.  And now Elder Johnson couldnt see the wedding because he would be leaving.  we went there that night And really we had a very strong talk.  I made sure to tell them how much i loved them and all and do it lovingly but I made sure that they knew and telling them and asking them whether really is this something they want because this date has been changed 3 times in the past month we have basically done everything spent more time in the municipalidad than they have for them.  and even after Elder Johnson was like Ive never seen a missionary with your time in the mission have the courage and ability to talk that strongly and direct without fear to someone like that before.  Theres some missionaries that finish their missions that are scared to do that.  But guess what.  it worked!! the next day he met us in puente piedra again five minutes before it closed paid all of it and now they are getting married next monday.!!! it was a crazy week but its done.  I hope.  
Love you!! 
Elder Harrop 
I forget to mention the best part of the wedding of Vicor and Kasandra.  Elder Johnson will see it.  he will see it then leave to get on a plane home.  

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