Monday, January 26, 2015

No pasa nada

Well I haven´t had anything that crazy yet here in Peru but to be honest probably never will (referring to me telling him about a show in Peru I watched where they were putting frogs in a blender and then drinking them) . They tell us to not even eat off the street because the stuff here you just can´t trust most of the time, and so Really just a lot of rice chicken bread potato.  Every monday though we go and we´ll eat pretty good at a Restaurant or something.  But everything else is pretty simple really.  But hey maybe you can try it and tell me how it is!! 
Well looks like the Costa Vida works out too!! thats good that they won!! how are they doing so far this year?? hows jordan been playing lately?? Thats interesting that they the varsity won.  I heard Jesse Wade is killing it this year which is good for him I guess.  Hes going to the same mission as Alex.  Hes graduating early to leave so im hoping Alex has to train him!! 
Jonathan is going to be passing the Sacrament.  That is crazy to me..... wow... he and Jordan are going to go to mutual together..... with you!! hahaha wow. that is crazy.  but thats good that your studying the restoration!! grab some pamphlets from the missionaries and explain it if you need to the pictures really help for younger kids ive found.  
Sounds like a great movie (referring to Meet the Mormons) !! I guarantee you cried during it too huh?? haha but thats good you could take the whole young womens to see it!! how is young womens with the new ward?? do you like the young women who is it now?? your counselors?? havent heard much about any of them really.  
To be honest not much to report from this week.  It was one of those weeks where everything just Kind of fell through which was frustrating.  Got rejected a lot so you could say it was pretty basic. haha I did hear some good new excuses this week though.  I had a couple ladies say that literally they were locked inside their house and couldnt open the door from the inside and so it was impossible to do that.  that was a fun one.  I had one guy just stare at me acting like he was deaf of some sort that was pretty funny.   I had people come up and ask me whether Joseph Smith was a homosexual and  also that when he saw the angel Moroni he was transformed from a women to man. that was a pretty fun one.  Also had Jehovah Witnesses come and knock on my door.  They were a little surprised to see a Missionary answer the door but they presented their message gave me a pamphlet, so I was like hey I have something for you also and gave them one of pamphlets.  I got a couple pocket bibles from them too haha 
The big thing from this week is getting this family married!!! I spent all this morning and a lot of other days in the Municipalidad trying to get them married.  We ended up having to switch their marriage to the seventh of Feb.  but if they want that day we have to get everything done today or they cant do it the 7th.  so thats how my p day is going to be trying to get them set up for marriage.  Literally every little thing that you could think could be an obstacle has happened but its be expected because its something satans going to try and tempt the family.  But were getting it done si o si.  no matter what today.  so todays kinda  a big day!! but im excited. 
By the way Elder Johnson and Elder Butler are two that ive become close to well johnson because hes my comp obviously but Elder butler and I have really got close but they go home this transfer I told him youd take them out to Tucanos or something like that sooooo..... dont mean to kinda throw you under obligation but.  They really want to meet you guys.  Theyre both going to BYU and Elder Butler lives in Salt Lake so I told them that you guys would Coordinate something out to meet go eat somewhere something like that!
This week really was a rough one.  went by really fast but it was rough.  We usually have a ton of appointments and things set up that a lot of times we do divisions just to get to all of them but this week every single thing fell through.  for example saturday we had 7 appointments set up like set appointments.  every single one fell through.  on a saturday which is like the biggest day of the week.  usually we find like 12 13 new investigators each week this week only 7 and really I dont think ive been more frustrated in my life.  We really did work.  We worked hard and used all our ways to find and no pasa nada.  but were gonna keep working.  Sunday we had 3 baptism candidates fall through so we lost three there for the next two weeks.  wasn´t happy about that.  we had four other news waiting for us to pick them Sunday morning but one of the members who was going to help us do divisions so we could pick them up decided to just not show up and so the families just got left stranded there was two other baptisms with a date there that fell because we couldn’t go pick them up for church.  we were going to marry a family the 31st.  well we had to switch that date because they didnt get the things done.  I literally call them everyday visit them practically every day and it seriously is creating a plan and straight telling them you have no other option but to do it today other wise it wont happen.  I have become so direct with some people here but really its the only way to get things to happen So I kinda feel bad but really I dont know how else to do it.  They have thanked me multiple times though for it.  Theyre like thank you because other wise we wouldnt get it done.  but thats how were spending p day today is finishing up everything with them so they can marry.  I dont know how many other emails ill get off to others because we have to get them finished.  and if we dont finish it today we have to move their marriage date to the following week where elder johnson wont be here and so its been a crazy day today haha.  Ive gained almost 20 pounds here.  I hit 170 pounds.  one pair of my pants I dont even fit in anymore. haha which is good im glad but I just dont wanna get fat in the stomach.  so i just do sit ups every day for exercises so hopefully thatll stay somewhat slim and thicken everything else out.  
Like I said not much to report but I love you guys!! and I dont know what package was the New Years one so I couldnt tell ya. but Love you!! 
Your son Elder Caleb Robb Harrop 

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