Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Familia

Well first off sorry for the whole not writing thing this morning, we have been at immigrations all day which is a nightmare really.  And then I have to be back there tomorrow at 6 am.  Which means ill be up at 4....  Right after one of the most tiring weeks so far.  So that whole no sleep deal you were talking about I know how you feel!!
Thats too bad about Bennetts sister, but at the same time I`m sure it was nice to see them!! Tell them hi for me and I wish them the best in their last month!!
Thats an interesting way to do church I think.  I also think there will be less attendance in the other classes before because people are just looking for the Sacrament part but I hope it all works out!!  I`m sure you made a lot of very good new friends taking too long speaking on a sunday too!!
I definately remember those glory days in the beginning of just getting killed every game wow those were great! little by little! One day it will come.  Jonathan is a funny kid.  I can totally see him just running all over trying to guard everyone and do everything too but its good!! That will definately help him in the future.  You didn`t get in the coaches face this time after he body checked right?? no just kidding I will definately remember that day forever.  
Tell Charlie good luck for me!! I`m excited for him! Tell him to email me or give me his email or something so I can write him!
Jordan Jordan Jordan sounds like quite the story.  and hey ponies are always good too. It can be a good complement to the land.
This week was good.  It was definately tiring.  Which is good because we worked.  We met some very good families and I am so excited to teach them because they are all just very energetic with kids of all ages and its just so much fun to be around them. 
This week also was difficult because a lot of investigators we had we dropped them.  One thing with the people here is that you have to be very direct.  Its not like the US where if your direct the people hate you.  The people here are humble enough to take and it really is the only way to be with them most of the time.  For example this week I had a lesson with the two brothers that are in there twenties and they just kept telling me in specific because I was the one who promised them they would know that the Book of Mormon was true and they told me they hadnt felt anything.  So I then asked after reading with us the first time how many times have you read? he replied 0. I let it be silent for like 10 seconds.  After I asked how many times have you come to church?.  He replied zero.  I let it be silent again.  I told him that really he hadnt followed the invitation of Moroni and because it says if you sincerely want to know you would read it more than once you would put it to the test and come to church.  This is the most frustrating part of the mission I think.  Things like this. and to be honest it happens quite a bit. I also taught Jehovas witnesses and had a little fun there it ended up with him giving me six pages of notes from the bible and a pocket New Testament, so you could tell that was effective. 
But now the fun part!!  The things that make the mission so great are moments like yesterday walking up a hill to pick up a family and instead of having to wake them up every week to come they walked down the hill to me all of them ready him with a shirt and tie on and bringing two of his younger brothers to church with him.  They now have a date to get married for the 30th of January.  going to be baptized the 31st and I seriously cant wait for them to go to the temple.  This is the family that is always looking at the photo of our family.  They love it.  and so as my present for them I took a picture of them with my camera im gonna print it out and then for their wedding i`m gonna give it to them for their scriptures!!
This week has been a tiring week for sure but I wouldnt have it any other way and I love it.  The blessings you see and the changes you see happen in peoples lives is amazing.  This Gospel truly is one of Happiness and it for us it is for the Familia.
Love you!!
Elder Harrop

P.S. camera cord is not working again.  ill have to buy one next week but ill get it done im good and getting fat so talk to you guys in a week itll go by fast!!!! love you!!!

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