Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years in Peru!!!

New years in Peru was awesome!! There really was just Fiestas everywhere.  Which meant there were a lot of drunks, including some of our members, but hey at least they had some fun.  But for us it really was just another normal day it was cool to see all the people and all the fiestas for sure though!  Then at midnight fireworks went everywhere!!! So We climbed the roof and watched all the fireworks it was pretty cool.  
it sounds like the LeDucs was a good time!! and you actually made it to midnight i am so proud.  
One hour church.... I can only imagine what that would be like.  Maybe in a couple years!! 
You really are turning into Nan.  What does Nan have to say about all this?? I’m sure she is just absolutely thrilled and gives you all sort of advice and all her coupons and deals she has with all these people.  I can only imagine!! I wanna see all of these dresses!!!

The new comp is great!!! he’s a big old gringo from Nevada he was just in the offices before this and this is his last transfer before he heads out!! so i will have 4 companions in 4 transfers if you count the CCM which is really unusual really... but he really is very good.  his name is Elder Johnson and really he reminds me of the Elder Johnson that was in our ward before i left i don’t know if he is still there right now but personality they are very similar i think which sometimes is interesting but as a missionary he is much much better.  He walks around making balloon animals for the kids and stuff and draws like characters of the people in the streets so hopefully it helps us find more people!! he really is very very good so don’t worry!!! 

This week was interesting because there was just so much going on so I have been exhausted all week.. which is good though. It was funny this week too because the purified water they give us to drink we didn’t have all week because it was late arriving so we have this little water bottle  with   a purifier in it that we had to run all of our water through to use so it was so funny trying to make all this stuff using only this little purifier.  and then one day our water went out!! it happens every so often so it wasn’t a big deal so the next morning i went and turned the water on when it started working again to fill the big water tank we have on our roof.  well I was stupid and forget to turn the water off before we left for church so the tank flooded and our room when we got back water flooding everywhere. It was an adventure trying to fix all that up... and I’m ashamed to say this is now the 3rd time we have flooded our room in 7 weeks.... one day i promise ill learn.  And then on top of all this the lady that does our laundry left for the month!! so we have been with out someone to do laundry for 2 and a half weeks so we’ve been doing it by hand..... and I’ve never been so thankful for a laundry machine ill tell you that much.  we do it all by hand right now and we hang it on a line and everything its pretty authentic actually!!

Anyways crazy week but it was awesome!!! wouldn’t have asked for anything else!!! Amazing!!!!! Seriously amazing!!! its awesome as always! 
i love it all, the good and the bad, love it all and really Elder Johnson is a very good comp!! The work goes forward!!! We should be having a couple baptisms coming up here soon!! we have these families which really it is sad to see.  they want to be baptized come to church  every week the whole family but the dad.  and so we are trying to get the dad to come weve been working with him for about 5 weeks now and really I think we are just going to baptize the family and hope the dad sees the diference and then follows because it really is just hard to work with him.  Then we have others were teaching and another family who is getting married later this month and then their baptism after so it should be a good month!! Its just sad to see fathers especially holding back families from enjoying the blessings of the gospel and it has made me appreciate and really the role a father plays!! i always took for granted how great a father you are and i cant thank you enough for that!! 
Jonathan getting the ladies already???  Wow... Thats pretty impressive.  
basketball poster for inspiration thats funny. I dont know how inspiring of a basketball player I was but hey whatever gets you working!!! 
Eh being too tall is a pretty good problem to have sometimes.  So I wouldnt worry about it too much.  Im glad that jordan is playing really well!! that makes me really happy to hear!! same with crew!! They both have way more talent than i ever did so its they work for it too!!
Mom told me abotu all the sewing she really is turning into nan! The one thing she swore to never do slowly she is turning into it.!! but its for a good cause so good for her you guys are amazing.  
The companion is awesome.  he is great.  i told mom more about him you can read all that but he really is  agood  missionary and im very grateful to have him.  Funny Story!!! this week I went on divisions with the Zone Leader from another Zone for a day and hes from Arizona.  So we were talking and he is friends with Ashlyn!! i guess they were friends in high school and stuff so its a small world i tell you.  Elder Norton Hes awesome good misisonary good person it was fun to work with him too.  I have definately been blessed with good examples for companions up till now!! 
The new years sounds like it was awesome and im glad you enjoyed it!! I love hearing about all the things that happen at home!!
so keep me updated!! 
  hope everything is going well and i hope the new years break was enjoyed!!! 

well..... my camera cord isnt working again so i apologize but no pics this week.... anyways love you guys talk to you next week!!!Love you!! 
Elder Harrop 

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