Monday, January 19, 2015

Crazy week!!!

Well what a crazy week.  So it all started out with immigrations monday and tuesday! I was there basically all monday and then had to be back there at 6 am tuesday morning so I had to wake up at 330 that day to get there by 6.  I ended up just sleeping at another companionships room that night to make it easier but it still was crazy.  It was a lot of just sitting waiting.  Sign here go wait in this line but finally im hoping im legal for the next two years!! While i was waiting in line I talked with one of the guys from the church who was helping us out and he was a cool guy! he was teaching at CCM in peru and studying english also.  He showed me his English book and all the things in it asking me questions, ¨like is this a good book to help me? whats the best way to help me things like that it was really funny to me because I know that feeling all too well.  
wednesday we had a training literally the whole day so the first three days we didnt get basically anything done but were definately blessed the next couple days.  We ended up making up pretty well for what we missed for three days and ended up with seven investigadors with fechas and came to church so im hoping within the next three weeks theres some pics sent of baptisms! We need a lot of more though.  So needless to say we have a lot of more people to find.
Yesterday was the last day that we couldve found new people and baptized them this transfer with Elder Johnson as he is going to finish his mission and it really hit him yesterday he was so sad.  When we got back to the room that night I told him ¨hey dont worry about it just go lay down and ill bring out the chick flick and ice cream¨ so I went and got the Bible videos and the candy and made the cake thing in the microwave and Beef Jerky we watched those while he was sad.  It really is a blessing to have someone like him who isnt trunky yet and wants to work he truly loves his mission.  
This week is a new week and I hope we all take advantage of it!! Time flies by and its crazy to think about the things we couldve done with the time we had so I hope we all use it wisely! 
Love all you guys and can`t wait to hear from you!

This is when i flooded the room.  you can see part of it the bathroom had it about ten times worse. it was quite the adventure

This is Elder Pluas! hes from Ecuador! he went home early for health stuff but hes a good kid!! This was right before he left! 

all of his selfies made me laugh hope you enjoy them too 

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