Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas in Peru

Christmas in Peru!!! 
Well to start off I can´t remember what I have already told you so forgive me. 
But anyways on Christmas Eve we went out caroling to the recent converts and the investigators!! it was funny because we definitely have awful voices.  We are not good.  But it was still fun!! After that Elder Castillo skyped his family and they are all very good people.  His nieces prepared like this song with triangles and a flute for him which was really funny.  The house that we were in the people that live there are amazing they fed us everything! the little old lady is so funny.  They tried teaching me Ketchwa.  its like the language that Christ spoke to the people in America when he came and up in the mountains thats what they speak here and so they tried teaching me some but the pronunciation is crazy.  After one of the members demanded that we stop by her house.  So we stopped by and she came out had prepared turkey, pig, huge dinner a bag of food to take home, had wrapped presents a new white shirt, and another shirt to just wear but it seriously was amazing.  I´m gonna go drop off some cookies or something to them because they gave us a ton. 
Then at Midnight everyone just lights off fireworks so we went to the rooftop and watched the fireworks go off and everything.  not exactly like fourth of july but there was still a ton!! 
Christmas we visited a bunch of families all of them gave us food again,  thats basically what christmas here is just eating.  but it is some good eating! a lot of pig and turkey with Paneton and Chocolatada.  
The big news this week is Elder Castillo is getting transferred to the offices.... which is sad because I really learned so much from him... everyone in the ward was so sad. Elder Castillo is awesome.  He is such a good kid.  But like I said now he has to go... its unusual to do a transfer like this in the middle of training but he has a calling elsewhere I guess. Yesterday was when he found out and immediately all the leaders went and bought about 20 plates of Chicken and Papas and we had a goodbye lunch for him. He did so much for this place its crazy.  So I guess we´ll find out tomorrow who my new Comp is!! 
It was great talking with you guys and I hope Christmas went well and was the best ever!! I love the photos they are awesome!! Keep sending them!! 
Tell Crew congrats on the Finals!! thats awesome!! So it sounds like they are a pretty good team them huh?? 
I can´t wait to see Jordan’s Uncle Rico suit.  It sounds like it is nice.  I´m sure he could use it for his mission also oh man it sounds really nice. 
The “Feed My Sheep” website sounds really cool!! it sounds like a very good start too!! that really is amazing what you guys are doing and will bless so many lives. Thats what i was trying to say when we were on skype but then it cut out and who knows what else but what you guys are doing will bless so many lives here in the U.S. and in our home.  Let me know how it goes!! This project is really interesting to me so keep me updated! 
Did you talk to Gage?? how is he?? He told me hes going with you guys in March to Peru to help with this thing which is awesome! his spanish will be a big help.  
How is Irene? Tell her Hi for me and that I wish her the best. 
 I love you guys and pray for you guys all the time!! Love you!  ( I enjoyed the GG referece by the way) 

Elder Harrop  

Famila Montes

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