Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Week!!!

Mom: How do people decorate for Christmas in Peru?

Caleb: it honestly depends on how much money they have.  and the houses that are considered decorated are nothing like how they are in the states.  but its amazing because you know they put what they have into decorating! everyone tries to do a little something even if its just like a tree drawn on a paper and taped to the door things like that.  soooo just do that and then say your trying to do it like peru!! Tell them all hi for me if you see them!!! the pics are awesome there all great people.  im glad you got this week off!! christmas break always was the best.  it was just relax and eat and do nothing. 
JON sang!!!! thats the coolest thing ive heard all week!! and the tie part makes me laugh hes a stud,.  tell him good job from me! Drink a couple dirty diet cokes and hot chocolate for me too then!! 
That would be awesome to skype with all of them! what good people.
Splitting again huh?? thats good that the ward is growing to be able to split isnt it?? wheres the boundary going to be?? and your gonna get stuck with that calling for awhile i hope you know that. like longer than you expect. and i can promise that as a missionary. so sorry not sorry.
Im glad it got to you!! hope you enjoyed it!! i dont know how the whole mailing system works here nor do i trust it too much so sending stuff back for you guys is a struggle but i do have stuff for you guys eventually i promise!!  speakign of packages i got them!! i ahvent opened them because i wanna wait till thursday but thank you!! the ctr rings are a huge hit.  it was funny because the adults love them more than the kids here.  i gave one family all the kids a ring and the next day at church the dad had stolen one of the kids ring to wear it! haha  but just to make sure you know i hope you know that i am very well provided for here and so dont feel the need to send packages for that reason we are very well provided for haha but i sure am grateful for all of them!! 
This week not much happened same old weird prayer rituals and breast feeding things like that.  ya know the usual.  nah but we had our mission christmas party this week which was fun!! we had to do skits as a zone to present and ours won the best skit!! it was about the Grinch and how it was actually the missionaries who converted him. and yours truly was the missionary. haha i woudl send it over but its really long and wont fit in an email.  
This week one thing I decided came to realize whatever you wanna call it is that im gonna make this mission the most fun thing ill ever do in my life.  theres parts that are frustrating when im sitting there trying to understand what theyre saying and i cant.  or when we have families that seem so good end up falling away or we walk to what feels like the U.S. and back to go to an appointment to find out theyre not there and its frustrating.  but if i only have two years here i am going to make it the most fun two years of my life.  If its not fun its not the gospel.  We call it the plan of happiness we promise blessings of joy and happiness when we apply the gospel in our lives but do we actually?? i think of all the times i dreaded going to church because i tired.  or the opportunities like this that we dread but really bring the most happiness.  if its not fun its not the gospel.  the purpose of this life is to have joy. and honestly joy and happiness is an attitude there are things that influence this but ultimately it depends on whether you want to be happy and if you want to be happy you will be becase you find the happiness in your life. 

Ive rambled on enough about this just always remember to take advantage of every opportunity you have because you never get that day or that same opportunity again! 

I forgot the best part of this week!!! 
So we met an older lady a couple days ago working in her yard and shes funny she knows random words in english and she tries to talk to me in english and i just laugh because thats probably how i sound in spanish. hahah but we set up an appointment for yesterday.  so we went by the daughter who is about 21 answered the door. and said oh theyre not here they left all this then the father comes to the door really nice guy and tells us that his wife is sleeping had a long day and is just resting set up another time when we could come visit and then the wife comes to the door.  And she is just hammered.  like seriously just hammered she is trying to talk to me in her english but while being drunk off her butt she kept on just grabbing my hand saying ´english ayuda help´ while like laughing drunkily all this. she wants me to teach her and her daughter english. And her trying to explain all this totally hammered I had to refrain from laughing.  Everytime i would just be like we´ll come by tomorrow to visit you guys we´ll come by tomorrow and when i would turn she would grab my hang again just spouting off random things and her husband was like trying to drag her into the house.  it was so funny.  there are so many drunk people that just shout out random english at me all the time.  haha
Love you guys!! im skyping at 1 o clock here so i think its 11 there!! 
Love you!

Elder Harrop

Mom, you wouldve loved this christmas party all the little kids were running around dancing having the time of their lives. i took this picture for you!! 

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