Monday, December 8, 2014

Two Months!

Thank you for the song!! wow what can I say that was amazing.
What a week.  First off!! Monday we went and got a hair cut.  The lady that cuts our hair is a recent convert. And theyre family is amazing! they are the ones that did the whole birthday thing I will talk about later but while cutting my hair they all just made fun of me calling me Calvin Klein because Im balding........... what a joke.  It was actually really funny but at the same time I blame you Dad for all of this.... by the end of my mission im starting to think i may not even have hair.... 
anyways!! Thursday!! basically a pretty normal day for the first part, we had a capacitación for about 8 hours which was really good but really long.  I love the President he is awesome.  He is like a Elder Holland just tells it how is and is blunt and yeah he is awesome.  But when on a pretty normal day.  Honestly I forgot it was my birthday for most of the day the time I remembered was when we went to teach the Torres Family the same recent converts who cut our hair.  They opened the door all of them ¨Feliz Cumpleaños!! we went and sat down just kinda talked with the esposa while the esposo was in the back doing something then all the sudden the lights went out and out came the esposo with cupcakes and candles all singing and doing this dance thing it was amazing.  Seriously could not have asked for nothing better in that moment.  it was amazing.  They are the best.  I definately will never forget that day.  Their son Jadyelle is so funny he always runs up and just hands me handfuls and handfuls of candy and plays with my tie its so funny.  and by the way you can cook cookies in the microwave.  it does work! and its much faster.  haha

One lesson this week really I thought was really cool was with a family of three older couple with their son whos about 24.  they invited us in and then their primo who was about 55 walked in and immediately was like oh i know this church they dont beleive in God or Jesus Christ only in Joseph Smith only in Saints thats why they have saints in the name of their church and just starting going off wouldnt stop finally we said how about you sit down we`ll talk about what we beleive in and then we`ll see what happens.  We taught about nuestro Padre Celestial and how much he loves us.  the things he does for us. About Christ and how he is central to the plan and taught just about the love and role we play in his loving plan.  He didn`t say a word.  not during. not after. not one word.  we left and shook his hand Nos Vemos all that and he did not say a word.  It was awesome.  

One thing really interesting here with the church is that a lot of people who have been baptized dont remember they were baptized its kinda sad.  something so big they dont even remember so thats a problem here.  and the biggest is con Vivientes or people who arent married but live together.  they all say theyre married but you have to ask them for civil for religion and then they go oh yeah were not married were vivientes so you teach them chastity and hope they learn from it basically.  few actually have the desire to get married which is sad but what can you do.  I´ve taught more chastity lessons than anything here so when i get back you ever need chastity i know how to do it in spanish.  

I studied Charity this week again and it never fails to always amaze me for some reason.  I love 1 Cor. 13: Charity is pure its not boastful and without charity we are literally nothing.  i love verse 11 also because charity is an attribute of an adult of a man.  i have so many notes on this chapter these are just a few but This thing you are doing for these little gals in africa is amazing.  I cant wait to hear about all the stories you will have.  

You will love Peru its awesome.  and you will bless so many lives there  i dont know exactly the place where that is but you will love it.  just be prepared it is very different.  but it is amazing.  I hope Ferneau does go with you guys!! hes an amazing guy.  ive actually thought about him a little bit the past little bit and i really hope he joins in on this project. 
 20 points??? i never did that as a sophomore.  i think i did it twice junior year but never as a sophomore.  soiunds like its going good then!! i wanna hear about this layton lights!! haha good for jon i hope it all works out!

Happy Birthday!

Torres Family

New missionary badge Crew made for Caleb! 

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