Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Love this place!!!!

Wow that sounds like quite the week!! Good for Jordan he always was way better than I was and ever will be.  I´m glad Jonathan is so excited!! I´m excited to hear how it all goes!! Hopefully Crews disease didn´t spread!! This week was interesting it went by way fast though.  
So during one lesson this week we met a man outside his house and we went in the guy is maybe 60 pretty old and we ask if his wife is present so he calls his wife out and she comes out.  She is 16 so I was like oh wow. they have a 2 year old kid which means she was 14.  This wasn´t even the best part.  Were talking and all and all of the sudden the mother just starts breast feeding right in front of us.  It took everything I had just to refrain from laughing. But I held it in.  Then we go to church on sunday another lady in the middle of sunday school starts breast feeding as well!! middle of sunday school!! sooooo yeah it was interesting 

The best one though I think is this.  So we met with one older man probably about 65 70 years old and was very very into the ¨palabra de Dios´´  so we started with a prayer right... well I started to offer the prayer and all of the sudden he starts into this chant thing of ´´gracias a Dios´´ other weird phrases like this who knows what and basically doing this little dance thing while I am trying to pray well I started laughing.  Everytime I tried to open my mouth I just laughed more it finally got to the point where I couldn´t talk so Elder Castillo finally took over in the middle of the prayer and finished my prayer for me because I couldn´t talk from laughing so hard.  This part I am pretty proud of so while Castillo was finishing the prayer and this guy was doing some ritual dance thing I started rubbing my eyes so that they would water and make it look like I was crying. so once the prayer ended I raised my head slowly with my eyes watering from rubbing them so hard and he looked at me and was like ´´thank you thank you the spirit is so strong isn´t it??´´ and I was like ´´yes. yes it is.´´ hahahahahahahah I was proud of myself for pulling that off because it really was so funny.  I love it here its amazing.  

We met with one family who is really good they want to be baptized but have to get married and quit drinking first but they are very good well he saw the picture i had of our family in my scriptures and was amazed by it.  So whether you guys know it or not you guys are making a difference out here in Peru!! he asked me all about it saying hes never seen a picture so happy a family so happy before especially in a picture so basically you guys are the best.  
weird thing since ive been here i drink coke like its nothing... weird right?? really like one a day. im glad to see that your old habits never die with your dirty diet coke.... we email from a little internet joint.  its basically a room about as big as the bathroom downstairs and they pack about 12 computers into it and you pay about 3 sols and use a computer i dont know if we will do that or a members house! we get to decide whatever is available i guess! 
oh i didnt explain the picture of the bowl.  its called Matte its a drink.  basically i think its bird feed then you put hot water in it and drink it through a straw.  its actually kinda good.  its from argentina but we had work visits this week and the other comp i was with had some and gave me it. its actually quite good.  but basically bird feed. i do eat oatmeal like its nothing though because its cheap filling and lasts a long time. its awful oatmeal  i try and put some sort of fruit in it which helps but you dont realize how sugared the oatmeal we had was until you have this stuff!. haha the food here is actually really good.  i love it There hasnt been one plate ive had that i havent liked!! the mission changes you i tell you 
I got the sunburn from painting... the paint here is awful by the way its basically water and doesnt work. we painted this house literally with 6 coats. but it was good.
The picture is of a family we did a family home evening with.  the oldest son is a member the rest of the family isn´t. there not in our area but he called us to help him do this family home evening with them.  they are awesome. the mother went to church on sunday so hopefully she continues too!!
Love you guys lots! 

Elder Harrop 


Sunburn from one day of service!

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