Monday, December 1, 2014

Living on a dirt hill and loving it!

So I haven´t exactly been really good about filling in everything in my letters but i´m going to try and do it with this one!!
I'm in an area called Miramar.  The ward that were in contains 6 missionaries in it because its so large yet the attendnce is about a quarter of what it is at home.  the ward boundaries are just as big if not bigger than all of layton city to be honest.  the part we're assigned to is basically three different bus stops Campamento, Santa Rosa, y Coovitiomar which is where we live!  We walk a ton.  It´s good though because other wise I would just get even more fat.  it´s wierd because like i said basically we eat nothing for dinner and breakfast and then big lunches.  so basically i feel like I lose weight everywhere except my stomach which is just getting fat.  So basically everything i worked for before my mission is going to be gone. I don´t know where an ATM besides the super market and we only go to the super market every couple weeks because its so far away.  our area is kinda just built on a big dirt hill.  very big dirt hill. i Havent seen one patch of grass here. 
Sounds like your still trying to cheat your way to every victory in any game you play huh??? thats good do what you gotta do. sounds fun though!! 
It is crazy what we take for granted.  Things like running water?? our apartment is by means here quality and if it were in the united states nobody would live there.  we cant´even use the runnining water in our cuarto.  the other day we went into a house that had tiled floors and painted walls about a quarter the size of our house and i thought wow this is a nice house.  we don´t realize what we take for granted.  there is one part of our area where literally the walls were made out of newspaper. the man can´t use the left side of his body and the first thing the man said to me was. i know my house is not big but it doesn´t matter how big the house but the size of the heart inside the house and ours is big.  
So our family has a big house a nice house but more importantly is the heart inside of it.  I can´t wait to hear all the stories you will have about the africa thing.  it will bless their lives i know it.  
Interesting things this week one person we are teaching she committed to baptism and she has the disabled son right i think i told you about it  but this week the son attacked me trying to take my agenda and tag and yeah it was something.  i couldn´t help but think of curtis and i dont know what i do to those poor kids but for some reason they dont´like me very much haha and then another person during a lesson brought a drink right and i look inside my drink floating there was part of someones fingernail.  i didn´t know what to do but she kept going try it is really good!! and if they give you something your supposed to drink it all or whatever lets just say it was gross and i did a bang up job and dodging from drinking that fingernail. 
I got all the packages!!! we had a training this week and after they brought five!!! four from you one from grandpa and Nancy! thank you!!!!! i haven´t opened anything that was wrapped because i want to wait till thursday but the oatmeal and granola bars everything is Awesome!!!! saved my life thank you!!!!!!!! it was so funny it took four of us elders to hold them trying to get on the buses. they seriously are amazing they are awesome i really cant thank you guys enough I always love the lessons we teach about families because here the family is so important and i can´t wait to teach them about how they can live with them forever and testify about eternal families es lo maximo!! I can´t thank you guys enough for teaching these principles in my life so early and so well it has been the thing i have taken the most granted for but the thing i am most grateful for  i tell everyone that.  you guys are the best!!

Love you!
Elder Harrop 

question.... is it possible to make a cake in a microwave because we dont own a oven and so i may just be eating cake batter on thursday!! 

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