Sunday, November 9, 2014

Week Four!!! One Month!!!

One month!! I dont know how time works here in the CCM its like forever but fast its the weirdest thing.  But it still is as great as ever!! This week was a little bit of an up and down week.  earlier in the week me and Calaway struggled a little bit seeing eye to eye.  especially when teaching.  In one lesson even I was sharing part of the ensign because we were talking about prophets and how we have the words here and going to give her the ensign right? well as I was sharing he took the ensign out of my hands and then went on talking about who knows what.  I wasn´t happy.  At all.  But I decided for the sake of lesson to just not say anything let it go but it bugged me way bad.  Apparrently people could tell because Elder Troutman and Hermana Turley came and was like what happened?? But I just said it was fine because I didnt want to make a big deal about it. But Finally later that day I was like alright something needs to change.  So we went and had like a 30 minute discussion about all this and it seems to have made a difference hopefully it keeps getting better.  Yesterday we taught a recent convert just baptized about 2 weeks ago still doesnt know like anything says really the only reason he was baptized because his mom made him.  So we start off about the Book of mormon and all the sudden Calaway turns to me and go randomly in the middle of his sentence and asks´´do you by chance have a chapter from the book of mormon you want to share?? I was like wait what?? so anyway I turned to Alma 32 and we discussed faith and what it means and how it grows. then randomly Calaway goes alright lets start reading in 1 Nefi and starts with verse 1 just to read something i guess in the middle of our discussion like i couldnt help but just laugh because it was all just so random.  But it all worked out great eventually I kinda led it back into a faith discussion and all that and at the end the person gives an evalutaion card to us just to see how they felt about it.  and on it he said it was different.  something i havent felt before something i cant explain.  so either that means it turned out good or really bad.  we´ll never know.  hah 
Speaking of Calaway can you guys by chance do something for me? will you send a package to him? He doesnt get much support I dont think so will you send something his way? Keven Calaway District 4b Lima Peru South mission.  That would be great if you could.
I decided that to go along with my daily and
weekly studies I want to focus on Christlike attributes as well.  So this week I started taking attributes out of preach my gospel ch. 6 and Study them try to apply them in any way possible what it means to have and demonstrate them all that.  I started with Charity and Love. and it is amazing the opportunities that are around when you look for them.  and when you ask your father in heaven to help you look for those opportunites and its amazing how much happier you become when you act on those things.  Even things small as setting up chairs and all that really makes the biggest difference and people notice.  whether you do or not others always notice. 
Youre really serious about adopting arent you?? I think thats great!! the nicest people that are here are the latinos. by far.  they are always so fun too.  you cant understand half of what they say because they talk so fast but they are the funniest people ever. Ill send a picture of a guy in a second but ill tell you abou him.  he is part of the custodial staff and we do service projects each week and one of the weeks we worked with him on cleaning the bathrooms.  I have never seen a guy so animated and happy to clean bathrooms.  He was cracking jokes running around off the walls everything.  He would take the spray bottles run jump off walls spraying the stalls yelling in spanish ´die you bacteria die´ I was laughing so hard.  then we go into the girls bathroom to clean he walks in with us and on the wall they have the tampon box thing right. there was a picture of a woman on it and he turns to it takes off his hat, crosses himself, goes 'aydanos' which means help us. and then kisses the girl and kneels. Funniest thing i have ever seen.  The guy is my best friend now he takes care of me the other day i was walking out of the building and he came up and asked me if i wanted a ride to the next building i was going to on his four wheeler.  that guy is the man. haha 
other than that its been pretty boring week.  Only a week and half left!! should get flight plans on next tuesday!! Thank you for all the support packages letters pictures everything!! i couldnt do any of this with out you guys!!
Elder Harrop

So yesterday Richard was telling us about Brother Tippiani, who is from Peru. After hearing Elder Holland's talk in conference called "Are we not all beggars" he made a trip to Peru to ascertin the damage done to his homeland by a recent earthquake.  He was shocked by the amount of children left orphaned and homeless. He shared with us some stories of Brother T going down to Peru to help some of these  kids who had been orphaned after an earthquake destroyed their homes and killed their parents. He had a picture of about 60 of these kids (below) who were left destitute. Our hearts were breaking as he told us of one experience. Brother T while visiting Lima noticed a police officer who was being very aggressive with some of these children becasue they were begging and hanging around public places. Br T walked up and told the officer that these children were with him. “all of them?” the office asked suspiciously. He tried to tell him that they were nieces and nephews as well and that their parents were soon coming. After Bro. T led them away he decided to take them into a buffet restaurant there in Lima. He had to convince the restaurant owners into letting these kids come in. The concept of a buffet was completely foreign to them. He tried to explain that they could have as much food as they wanted so fill their plates. Most of them put a few morsels on the plate was all and he tried to convince them to take as much as they wanted. He filled their plates to their astonishment. As they were sitting down he noticed that most of them were not eating but were instead putting the food into their pockets. They were trying to take food back to their brothers and sisters and families who had not eaten for the past 3 days. Brother T ended up buying out the restaurant that night complete with all the Tupperware and boxes they had available. All the food that night went out the door with those kids and back to their hungry siblings. The reason I’m telling you this is because these are people that you will have a chance to help both spiritually and temporally. You may not be able to feed them everyday physically but you can feed them still the same. You will know when and how you can serve. Brother Tippiani is wanting to build a shelter for these kids but doesn’t have the knowledge in building to do so. Richard, told him that he knows an architect that might help as well as a couple guys who aren’t too bad at building things. Richard, Mike, your Mother and I are taking a a trip down there next year (February) to help with some of this relief. We are going to try to gather some resources that will make it possible to help them. I don’t know exactly where this place is but it is some place “west of Lima”. I don’t know what we can do but I do believe that the Lord blesses us with talents which we have dedicated to use in the building up of Zion. Perhaps it is no accident that you were called to Peru. I take that back, It most definitely is NOT an accident. You are called to perform a special task and perhaps we are tasked to help you in some way. We will have to see where this takes us and perhaps there will be an opportunity to serve together in this small world of ours.

Love you, Dad

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