Sunday, November 16, 2014

Last Week!!!

Last week here!! Its kind of surreal that this is actually happening to be honest.  I can´t remember life before this place and can´t imagine life after it so it is really weird.  I leave monday night!! I´ll get on a plane about midnight and get to Peru about 7 in the morning so probably not going to sleep much.  
First off thank you so much for the packages.  Calaway loved his package.  He was so surprised he got one and then saw it was from you and was like ¨oh my gosh look¨ it was funny but he loved it and was very nice to go around sharing it with everyone.  Seriously can´t thank you or Nan and Bennett enough for these packages. They are amazing.  I by far have the best family in the world.  
So this week with Calaway was again up and down I had to have a couple more like listen this isn´t working type talks.  But it was good.  I don´t know if it kinda scared him or what but since then he hasn´t done the things and he´s not talking as much which it´s kinda mean but I am grateful for it.  He likes to talk. A lot.  But it´s good.  
I have to tell you about one of our lessons. We were teaching a teacher who was pretending to be a ¨menos activo¨ (thats the other thing I have forgotten how to say somethings in English its weird.) but we were teaching him and Calaway starts with so ¨your inactive right?¨ and we were using Hermana Turley as one of our members and she immediately just starts busting up laughing. Then it got to the point where I asked he didnt feel comfortable coming to church anymore. Calaway then goes on to say ¨why don´t you come do you not have friends or something??¨ at this point I start laughing. Then to make things better Calaway says ¨its okay though because I don´t have many friends either.  I do have my best friend though Jesus Christ¨ now I am laughing so hard then leaves it at that expecting me to kinda start the next conversation and I didnt know where to go from there we seriously sat there for like 20 seconds in silence because I had know idea how to even recover from that.  It was something else.  
We have zone testimony meetings as well every week and this one guy in our zone is so funny when he does it because he just says whatever pops into his head.  He is a very good missionary and its all very heartfelt but last week he concluded with ´I freaking love Jesus Christ¨ then sat down.  This week he was talking about the atonement and said ¨without the atonement we would all be screwed.¨ it was so funny I was dying.  
Tuesday it rained really hard here and it was one of the funnest days we´ve had.  Me Elder Sousa Hermana Garcia and Hermana Turley all went jumping in these huge puddles in the middle of the rain it was so much fun but we were soaked.  Then after maybe 15 minutes some workers came out and were like I dont think you want to be doing that all the water is from the runoff off the mountain. And you won´t beleive how many dead dogs are up there¨ i thought it was hilarious but apparrently the others didn´t but then the Cleaner lady was like its okay though its okay all the dogs im sure are all very clean!! the workers are the funniest people here.
It has really been a very good experience here and I am a little sad to leave but I am so excited to get to Peru.  If theres one thing I have learned here it is the power of the spirit.  In my district like ive said before they´re all basically fluent and i´m always trying to catch up which is good because it pushes me and above all it has taught me to rely on the spirit. The thing I have learned is that I don´t think anyone is completely worthy to teach such a perfect Gospel.  In order to be completely worthy of teaching a perfect gospel is for the teacher to be completely perfect.  This is why we are not the true teachers.  The spirit is perfect which makes him the perfect teacher not us. But how loving is our Father in Heaven that he allows someone as incapable and non perfect person such as me to be an instrument in his hands to help spread this perfect Gospel. 
I love you all very much and cant wait to hear about everything that goes on.
Elder Harrop

Caleb: I got my travel plans!! monday at about midnight i leave for peru. I still have so much to learn though which is the scary part considering i leave on monday.  But learn a little on the go right?? Ill be able to call sometime ive heard but i dont know when or where from.  
I haven{t gotten the cards or anything yet so im hoping that they come here within the next couple days.  because monday the mail doesnt come because of a holiday so realistically tomorrows the last chance.... but oh well.

Robb: You get your whole life to learn.  You are going to be great.  the fact that you understand that it is the spirit that converts and not flawed people usually takes missionaries months to learn that lesson.  you're way ahead of the curve.

Caleb: ive been checking on the weather here everyday when i get on for the spanish immersion program they have us use. its called TALL and it is awesome people hate it but it helps so much.  but i always check the weather and boy am i glad i am not in 30 degree weather right now.  its all bright sunny and warm here in mexico and even warmer in peru right now. haha  Jordan what a character. that is awesome!! he will like Allen everyone loved him as a counselor so i´m sure he will love him too.  Sophomore basketball is a blast because its all seperate and just fun.  It was one of the funnest years i had i think.  I´m glad mike is going to school and thatll be good for them both to go down together. Tell them to now run into Mikell Hender!  the only bad part is if you say dirty diet coke here theyll probaly put some alcohol in it.  maybe thats good i dont know.  Grandpa.... he is one of a kind.  looking at the picture i dont know how thats possible either.  but im glad hes okay!! Thats too bad about Casey.  he really was the best.   haha Jordan didn{t email me and im a little offended because i didnt hear about any of basketball or anything but ill get over it. i´m glad they got the tags.  I was hoping they would get through somehow.  Headed off to peru!

Karen: I freakin love you! Viva Peru!!!

Caleb: I freakin love you too!! i gotta go now but hopefully ill hear from you monday!! if not then im sure ill be able to contact you somehow when i get to peru.  i love you guys though!!

Flight Plans

Hermano Ortiz! Best MTC teacher ever! 

Jumping in Mexican rain puddles! 

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