Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 2!!!

First off i would like to apologize for last weeks letter it really is a complete rush and techincally we have an hour to write so it's kind of just a mess. 
Alright the packages you send are amazing I definately have the best family.  They really do save my life and they really are the best thing ever.  The other elders or hermanas havent got anything so I feel like Im the most loved of all them. secondly my cord for my camera doesnt work so i'm just using another elders sim card adapter.  You just plug your card in stick in a USB port and it works great so thats how i'll send pics while im in the CCM at least.  And then thank you for all the family pics and the patriarchal blessing.  Anytime I got frustrated that really came in handy.  I really do think that it is the best patriarchal blessing that was ever given. And then the pictures are amazing.  I never knew how much i would enjoy pictures but they really are the best so keep sending them! 
Crews birthday this week!! Happy Birthday buddy!! I sent a letter home for ya but because the mailing system is so bad here it probably wont get there for a while.  some things take like a month here I guess.... make sure to eat some cake for me though!! 
Last saturday Neil. l. Anderson came to talk to us which was really cool so I got to shake his hand! he took the time to shake every missionaries hand in the CCM.  I like those things better than conference because you get to see more of their personality where in conference they are usually pretty calm direct you know how it goes.  He really is a pretty funny guy.  He talked about the atonement and how to apply to help the people we teach.  I always pictured him as a pretty passive guy but in reality he is really bold and stern. which I mean you really have to be to be an apostle.  Thats why I love Elder Holland because he just is blunt gets in your face and tells it how it is. We watch a lot of his talks. 
This week with Calaway was really interesting.  On sunday in branch sacrament he decided to become the next Josh Groban and seriously sing as loud as he can.  Theres only maybe 20 people in our branch but it was more like a solo because of how loud he sang and everyone else was just laughing the whole time. I had to turn my head the other way from him because i was laughing so hard. haha then it got worse.  Tuesday the international MTC presidency  came and spoke to us.  Kind of a big deal and President Pratt announced we were going to sing called to serve. everyone from the CCM 20 member from the international MTC committee is there and as soon as pres. pratt announced that Calaway let out the loudest high pitched laugh ive ever heard.  it was dead silent when he did that. everyone turned and looked straight at us. Seriously one of the more embarrassing moments of my life.  President Pratt looked up from the pulpet and i thought he was going to kill him.  No bueno no bueno.  I seriously have had so many people come up to me saying how bad they feel for me because Hes my comp.  Wishing me luck over the next six weeks and theyre praying for me like its ridiculous. but i am glad to have him. He is a good kid and i really respect him for his choice to serve. Go to kevincalaway.bandcamp.com he writes songs!! he said he released 2 solo albums so you might get to hear the josh groban in him.  i convinced him to write a song about me so once he does ill make sure to send it your way.  Today we made a rap.  I did all the beats and he was the rapper and he would rap gospel principles in spanish and we went and performed to other rooms it was so funny. we have it on video but dont know how to send it so if i figure it out ill send it.  He also showed me the dance moves that won him a dance off he had at prom. so basically im gonna be the best dancer in utah when i get back.
He also compared himself to a male jigglo when he was in highschool and took two girls to prom so you could say we get along pretty well.
I really do like it here at the CCM though it is so nice.  the surrounding outside the CCM grounds are pretty rough but its literally an oasis in the middle. it always looks so good.  We go play basketball a lot as a zone which is a lot of fun.  and were actually way good.  other zones play us and its crazy how serious they take it. like just as serious as high school but we just mess around and kill people which makes it that much funnier.  I seriously just try to dunk everytime.  one way i know the church is true and missionaries are blessed is because since my vert has gone up and dunk all the time.  so thats my testimony of how i know. just kidding just kidding. I really have learned so much here! my spanish is coming along. it still is frustrating sometimes because i wish it would come faster but patience is key i have come to find out.  The other thing i have come to realize is just trust.  Trust in the influence of the spirit, but just as important trust in yourself.  No matter what always trust in yourself and since ive come to terms with that it has made things so much better. Dont be afraid to make mistakes.  This week i wish i could have got a picture of it but like i said my district is basically fluent and then the other district is leaving on monday so they have already learned basically all the lessons and so there were three elders on the white board the two sisters from our district 4 from another district and 3 more elders all surrounding my desk in the middle of the room trying to teach me because I am trying to catch up to them. literally over 10 people trying to teach me spanish at one time it was so funny but it definately helped!!
Our teaching has come a long way too. it kinda took one of the teachers to be like Elder Calaway you cant talk as much. you just cut off Elder Harrop before he even get anywhere which is killing you guys because you just go on tangents and dont accomplish anything. so it was a little blunt but it definately helped and i'm glad she said that because it frustrated me so much that he did that stuff. but again like i said always trust and never stop working and results will eventually come I can attest to that.  
Its going really well!!! I really do like it here I learn so much.  the weather has been great its only rained a couple times.  The other sister in the picture is from arizona and she is so funny because she is just blunt as can be no patience and she tells the other elders whats up and i laugh so hard. she's probably one of my favorite sisters ive met.  challenges.... the companion thing is tough but I know it will be a benefit to me and out of anyone im glad that i was the one to bear burden so to say.   The language is coming so that is a releif to some sort but it still sucks sometimes.  i miss english ill be honest.  haha and im not even into peru and only two weeks out.   i'm glad that jordans working!! that will be good!! Hope you all are doing well and and LOOOOVE you all. 

Mom:It feels like forever since I've seen you.! Can't believe it has only been two weeks! 

Are you happy?

Yeah extremely happy!!! its weirdbecause it seems like ive been here forever but at the same time it goes by fast....

Me and Callaway

Entrance to the CCM

Theres all my flash cards.  Literally over a thousand flash cards.  I have them everywhere. 

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