Monday, October 27, 2014

Crew's Communications

dear caleb, 

happy birthday to am one hundred and three. i smell like a monkey and i look like one to! no really i NEED to shave. i just had my birthday on October 25! i just trend ten yesterday. it was so cool! anyway i love your letters that you sent me. i think they are so so cool! i just moved in to your room today. by the way i have to say your bed is much much softer then my old one. just think about it. when you come home you are going to be sleeping with ME!! lets talk about you. do you like your comp. do you even like the MTC. I just had my singing thing at church today.
i miss you more than any thing in the world!!!!!!!

your favorite brother!
Crew Harrop,

How was it!!!! do you feel older wiser taller smarter all that??  Did you get the hand written letter i sent?? it should be getting there soon i hope!!!   You better treat my room with respect!! I heard about when you stood up for jordan ross the other day that is awesome buddy.  keep it up.  that is incredible.  im so proud of you.  hows basketball going? school? how was josh¡?? you excited to have him back?? 
love you buddy keep up the good work!!

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