Monday, October 27, 2014

Jonathan's letters

Dear Caleb, 

Things have been different around here sense you are gone. Ha, sorry, just the sense you been gone reminds me of yellow stone when we kept listening to that song, Sense you been Gone, from Pitch Perfect. As I was saying, me, Crew, and Jordan have not got into one fight, weird. Did you like my cello performance I sent you. I hope you liked it. I did not use the bow because My class is not at that point, were on the plucking point. I miss you caleb more than anyone in this harrop family.

Love, Jonathan

your cello performance was the coolest thing ive ever seen!!! that seriously is so awesome.  keep singing pitch perfect for me and keep those two from fighting.  thats your job now!!!!! keep working hard at your cello so when i get back you can play songs for me!! love you buddy!!

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