Sunday, October 2, 2016

My Ways are Not Your Ways...Just Keep Working

June 6, 2016
It has been a week to remember thats for sure!! I was scheduled to come into the offices on tuesday morning to start, but then I ended up getting a call from the APs telling me to take the next bus to Lima to get there Monday night.  So I got here Monday night.  The next morning I had to give a training on the financial stuff to the new missionaries coming in.  I basically just had to wing it from what I knew from being a Zone Leader so that was fun.  

Being here you definitely do learn a lot.  I am so grateful for the experience to be here and learn everything that i´m learning.  I didn´t even know that half of these things existed and so my eyes really are being opened to see exactly how all the mission works.  It is a really cool experience. 

The good part is that here in our mission the secretaries do not only get to but also are expected to proselyte.  So we get out to proselyte and all that which is good!!  And the area I have is really really really nice.  Its by far the nicest area I have.  Its called ward "Palmeras" It is a really nice area.  Huge nice cars, parks, areas, and so i´m meeting a whole new type of life here.  Its so cool to see how different can be but at the same time how it can all be the same peruvian culture.  

My companion is Elder Hernandez.  He's from Mexico.  He's a really great kid.  He's really funny, and I enjoy having him as a companion.  We have a good time here and so It´ll be a good time here!!

Crazy that they are all graduated....  I bet Mike and Tammy feel really old now. JUST KIDDING JUST KIDDING.  It was a joke I promise.  

One spiritual experience this week was one day we were working hard and had everything set up to be a very good day, but things just didn´t go our way.  Then out of nowhere some lady contacted us which was a complete miracle in itself, asking us to visit her because she was really impressed with the Church and some of her friends that are in it.   So we went by and visited her and it all went well!! It was a way that I know God was telling us "My ways are not your ways.   Just keep working."  

The Lord blesses us if we do all that we can.  I love it here.  I´m so grateful for the opportunity to be here and learn.  

Elder Harrop 

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