Sunday, October 2, 2016

As we follow the living prophets we will always be alright...no matter what.

June 13, 2016
The weeks are flying by here..... I really felt like this week was just about 2 days long but Its all going by so fast.  

This week we were able to get a lot more done.  It was kind of crazy the first week because I wasn´t even able to get into the area until Wednesday night for the training's and things but this week we were able to have a really good week.  

This week was a really cool experience because Elder Rasband came and visited us.  We were able to here from him and his wife and shake his hand everyone of us.  We were one of three missions that were able to see him.  We got up at 4 in the morning to do it but it was a really cool experience.  He is a very very humble guy with a huge heart.  I really admired that about him.  His wife was really funny too.  That´s one thing I love about the apostles is that they are actually all really funny guys.  He talked about the work here and about what makes a great mission.  The coolest part was that I was sat about 4 rows back from him and so It was like almost having front row seats!! 
We were also able to hear from Elder Montoya who is a seventy.  Also very great person. 

I am so grateful for the living prophets that The Lord has called today.  I have learned personally that as we follow them we always will be alright.  No matter what.  We just need to do what they say.  And we will always be alright and successful.  

Love you all!! Hope you all enjoy the summer!! 

Elder Harrop 

This is our district.  My comp is the Mexican in the bright orange.  Elder Hernandez  

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