Sunday, October 2, 2016

Definitely Some Divine Intervention

July 4, 2016
This week was definitely one to remember!!   It was the last week of President Archibald.  He went home on Friday, and the new mission President came in that night.  
Just to let you know how this change works.  

The Old Mission President picks up the New president from the Airport.  Then they take the New President to see his new house.  The school for their kids.  The church that they will attend.  They have a meeting for about 2 hours about how to do a couple of the administrative things, he then drops him off at the mission office where President Archibald walked in dropped off a couple things presented us to the New Mission Pres. Took a photo and then left to catch their plane.  They were in the office for about 10 minutes then left.  In what other church would you see a change like that, and the best part is that it works!! There is definitely some divine intervention there because in no human way this would work out.  But in The Church of Christ it does!! 

The new Mission Pres. is President Stauffer. From Connecticut.  And he and his family loves baseball!! Unfortunately they came to a country that has never seen a baseball in their life... But its alright it will all work out.  They are super happy and energetic.  It will be really fun to be able to work with them.  

This week we should have a baptism!! So I hope you are all ready for the White months coming up!!

Elder Harrop 

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