Sunday, April 3, 2016

Mom's thoughts

Dear Caleb,

Oh man... I feel your pain.... Change from an amazing area and an amazing comp is uncomfortable and scary. I remember the first time you transferred and how I wanted you to stay so you wouldn't have the sorrow of leaving people you had come to love so much and feel like you were starting all over again. I felt this same way when you told me about being transferred again today. I am sure there are a lot of tears, and that is good cuz that means you love the people and they love you. I can't imagine serving in an area and not being able to wait to get out of there. That would say so much about the lack of relationships and lack of love for the work and how frustrating and miserable an experience that would have been. I'm glad you had so much love that it causes pain to leave. I also couldn't help but remember how leaving your first area was hard. But if you hadn't left that area you would not have had the amazing experiences and loved the amazing people in your next area. I copied the following form your letters on the blog. Here's what you said:

"Well the news for this week..... Really it makes me sad to say this but I´m getting transferred out of miramar....... I found out today.  I kinda was expecting it because people don´t usually stay longer than 6 months but really I´m so sad.  I sat in Sacrament yesterday.  I sat next to Guido Victoria Marleni and Tristan on one side on the other side of me I sat next to another family of 6 that we are teaching right now next to them to Torres Family all in one isle.  The next isle over Cassandra and Jarumi with my other converts and I just had that feeling that it was my last.... I was so sad.  I started to get teary eyed.  I had everyone after in church asking me if I was leaving telling me that I had to call them as soon as I found out so that they could say goodbye and really I just wanted to cry.  I really don´t want to leave.  I said goodbye to Guido and Victoria  and Victor and Kassandra already and when I told Guido literally went into his closet grabbed shoes and said here I want to give these to you I won´t use them and I know you will to help spread the Gospel.  He is one good man I tell you.  tonight i´m going to go visit everyone to say bye but really I don´t want to... And theres part of me thats like I'm really glad I feel like this because I feel like yeah i've done my job here. These really are the greatest people in the world.  I've been getting calls all day ' are you leaving are you leaving we have been praying all night that you stay''  and it makes me happy to see that really.... thats one my biggest fears is that i go somewhere and that I don't do my job and make a differece in this place.  but I know that if I just do my part that good things will happen.  I really am going to miss this place.  this area really is my mission. "

Little did you know at the time you wrote that that you would love the next area as much or more. Here is a portion of your letter the next time you were transferred:

"Leaving Pachacutec was hard.....  I got a call at lunch telling me that I was getting transferred and it got leaked out! So we had a family home evening in the house of Luz Carla y Carmen and we invited a bunch of people over ( without telling anyone I was going.  I didn´t want them to know)    and then my comp at the end of the family night got up and said "my companion will now share his testimony because this may be the last time you see him."  And everyone freaked out. A couple people already knew somehow and went and bought a huge cake as a goodbye and early happy birthday they said. haha It was hard..... I don´t think I've ever taken so many pictures in my  life.....  it was picture after picture after picture and it got crazy but it was awesome.  I will always remember the Branch Los Cedros.  It is definitely a place I will visit again.  That morning they threw another Good bye in the chapel before I left where they gave me more stuff.  I don´t know how it all fit in the suit cases but it just shows how great of a people they are.  Luz y Carla came up to me and she gave me a ring and said "a really good friend of mine gave this to us when we went through one of the hardest times of our lives.  I want you to have it now to always remember that you will be remembered in our home always..."  I was so honored.  I didn´t know what to say.
Now its time to make another chapter in the book here in San Diego!!!!! I'm super excited and its going to be a good time here!!!"

If you had of stayed there in Pachacutec you would have missed out on the experiences of a lifetime in San Diego. And now you are leaving those you love in San Diego.

"Now the biggest news......... today i got a call........ I am getting transfered to another part.  its called Barranca.  its the zone farthest away in the mission. I´m going out there as a Zone Leader with my comp Elder CideƱo from Ecuador.
I was sad to get the call....... I wanted to stay here in San Diego...... I loved it here..... it was awesome....... I will definitely be coming back here one day..... There are so many great people..  Theres such a cool feel to this place and I will miss it a lot........ But you gotta do as the Lord calls"

Each new transfer has brought more love, more relationships/friends for life, and more amazing experiences. So, I can't wait to see what Barranca brings. In all honesty this will probably be your last area and your last transfer. So here's to finishing strong and the best of your mission experiences may be yet to come!

I love you and am so proud of you (even if you send crappy letters and no pictures!!!!!!)
We will be praying for you and Barranca....go baptize the hell out of it!


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