Sunday, April 3, 2016

Gotta do as the Lord calls

February 21, 2016

Well what  a week here!!!!

This week was the ward conference!!

There were activities the whole week and it was really cool to see all the ideas that they came up with.}

We did a thing about the plan of Salvation where we pretended we were all on a plane and crashed and died.... I was driving the plane... then we went from room to room in the church showing the plan of salvation.  It went really well!!

Then one big news is that the ward here got divided!!!!! It was a big ward and it got divided this week!!!!! that is great!!!!!! it means that the work here is growing!!!!!!! another ward got made and so now there are 6 wards here in the stake!!!!!!!!

Also I got to go out and do visits with the companion of Uncle Shaun this week.  He came out to work with us this week.  That was fun!!! We asked him to share his testimony and he started talking about the mormons having 7 wives before and all yeah!!! the good thing is that at the end it all worked out!!!

Now the biggest news......... today I got a call........ I am getting transferred to another part.  It's called Barranca.  It's the zone farthest away in the mission. I´m going out there as a Zone Leader with my comp Elder Cideño from Ecuador.
I was sad to get the call....... I wanted to stay here in San Diego...... I loved it here..... it was awesome....... I will definitely be coming back here one day..... There are so many great people..  Theres such a cool feel to this place and I will miss it a lot........ But you gotta do as the Lord calls.

I love you guys and will be sending a lot of photos next week!!!

Elder Harrop


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