Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tender Mercies

December 21, 2015

Well what a week!!!

This week was the baptism of the Peralta family!!! It was awesome!!! They are one special family.  They are so dedicated to it all its crazy.  They are the definition of converted.  They are one of the Tender Mercies that the Lord has given me here in the mission.  Its the moments like that where it just shows how great this work is.  They got married Wednesday, baptized Friday and confirmed Sunday.  Also I don´t know how they did it but the Bishop here worked it out so that they received the Priesthood on Sunday also!!! It was one of the most powerful moments to watch Joe (the father) give the Priesthood to his own son, to hear the blessing he gave him was so powerful.  The hermana Yulianna (wife) just sat there crying because it was the first time in her life she had seen something like this.
And now on Wednesday they will be going to the temple so that they can do baptisms for the dead.!!
It was one great week !!

This Friday ill be calling at about 10 1030 and so hope you are all ready.  FYI I will also be having a special surprise for you  guys. and so you will not want to miss it.  The Thomass Prices whoever is there! It will be a good surprise.!!!

Love you, see you Friday!!

The marriage of the Peralta Family
Peralta Family baptism

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