Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Peralta Family

December 21, 2016

Well this week should be a really good one!!! We have the baptism of the Peralta family this week!!! I am super excited for it and so i´m super super excited this week!!!

They have come so far and are more mormon than most of the members there in Utah.  Its crazy.  But its going to be a good one!!

We should also have one more this week! Her name is Maritza it was kinda  a surprise one for us but I hope it all goes through and she's able to be baptized also!! It should be a fun week!!

This last week I was able to learn a lot about myself and how I am.  And really all the things that I have to work on.  I¨m super grateful for the atonement in that sense.  For all the things I have to get better at.  Also my companion who is a great example of the things I need to work on.  I know for a fact thats why the Lord put me with him.  Because his strengths are definitely things I need to work on.

Christmas is coming and it doesn´t really feel like it!!! hahahah it just feels normal here.  Maybe its because theres no snow and its just getting hotter.  But its fun to see some of the houses here all decorated with lights and things.  Something I didn´t see this last year but here in this area it has various people with lights and christmas trees!!

The Skype Call!! I¨m thinking Chrismas 25 at like 12 peruvian time.  so it would be like 10 in the morning there.  That way we can have the rest of the day to go out.
Also I need your skype account to call!!  because my companion needs a skype account to call his mom also and so he's going to call his mom and then after ill call you guys.
How does that sound??
Let me know I love you guys!!

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