Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Super Hot.....

January 18, 2016

Hello family!!

I hope all is going well there in Utah and I hope its super cold because here it is super hot!!!! I don´t think I´ve ever sweated so much in my life but I love it!!! haha  Its definitely an experience I will never forget!!

Its been really fun because our area got doubled and so we had pick up a lot of new stuff and try to adjust really fast to it all!! But overall its been really good!!

The people are progressing well and so I don´t have a lot to say.......

Theres a daughter of a family here in the ward who is over there studying at BYU  I told the family to tell her to go find the Harrop Home because there would be a lot of food there and so we´ll see if she ever gets there! haha I gave them your numbers and address.

It makes me laugh to hear that its all snow there because snow doesn´t even seem real to me anymore!! That will definitely be an adjustment in the fall....

Thanks family for everything I love you guys and I hope your all having a good time with school and work!!

Elder Harrop

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