Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Family in Peru

January 11, 2016

Well another transfer has come and gone!!! i´ve already got three here in the area!! and the good news is that today I got the news that I´ll be staying in the area!!!!! I hope to stay here for a long time.!!!! It's such a good area with such a good vibe to it.  I love it.  There were a lot of fun little changes to the zone this transfer also. Our area got doubled!! I´m super excited for that because theres so much more to do!!!

Ill also be with Elder Huanca for the third straight transfer!!! hahah this kid makes me laugh so much and so i´m super super stoked to be here with him still.

I¨m glad that comp of Shaun was able to get a hold of him.  The other week he saw my name tag and said " do you have family that served here in peru?" so i said yes and we found out that it was him!!! He took a picture and i´m sure he sent it over but its a crazy small world right???

Sounds like there is a lot going on back at home and it makes me happy that its that way!! life always better when its absolutely crazy busy.  

Well not much more to report but thanks for everything I love you guys and hope all is going well!!

Elder Harrop

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