Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Definitely a whole lot to do!

Well It sounds like you had a very good week!! Dad was telling me a little bit about what was going to happen with girls camp and I was really proud of the decision you made to go out and make it service oriented!  And it sounds like it was a huge hit!!!!  I can only imagine the look on that family`s face and what that meant to them to have all of you work on their house.

Good for Jordan.  I`m proud of him. He really is a good kid and I`m glad that he learned about the value of helping those who are behind instead of being the first.  He always has been a better kid than I was.  I never learned that at his age thats for sure So i`m very glad that he did all that.

Well I dont really know how to explain this week really it was interesting.  We keep moving forward.  Theres stil definately a whole lot to do and change here thats for sure.

We did a family home evening with the Aguilar family which was really fun.  They are awesome.  They are recent converts from about 7 months ago and now are passing some pretty big challenges.  They went inactive for a period of time due to these challenges but we went and started visiting them and they are coming to church and have really great testimonies.  They are awesome and definately some great examples.
The rest of the week flew by.
We had interviews with President this week which was really good hes awesome.  Hes really good at what he does thats for sure.   I like him a lot because really we go in there and he just asks "what can I help ya with" and so we just talk about what we feel we can do to baptize more. We also told a few jokes we talked about college football too but I always learn a lot from him.  He will be an apostle one day I promise you guys that.
Sunday we had a really good meeting with the ward council where we talked about what we are going to change here and how we are going to do it.  Me and the other Elder from the other companionship presented the idea and we feel that there is a different feel now and we are going to make some big changes here as a branch.

This next week should be a lot more interesting.  These past couple weeks have been pretty dull because there wasn`t any baptisms to reprt to you guys... sorry..... but we are working on it.  and that is going to change here soon.
I love you guys and hope all is well your all the best.

Elder Harrop
This is the Aguilar family.  They are awesome.  Really humble people who have gone through a lot.  But it amazes me how they keep on going!!!

Chicken that our converts bought us!!!!!!

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