Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Answer to a very desperate prayer

The picture is a fruit called Granadilla.  It really just looks like snot inside and its about the consistency of it too but its actually really good! its really sweet and really cheap and so its a missionary`s best friend!!
Yeah the chicken and fries is like heaven here!  These peruvians sure do love their chicken ill tell you that.  Everyday its chicken and rice with a few variations of sauces and so that chicken and fries is about as american as you get!!
I am sure that the boys absolutely loved the whole purging the house!! I remember those days.....   Don`t stress yourself out too much yeah??
Well its probably a good thing nan was in austrailia for those two years otherwise she probably would have killed me for my room!!
Jonathan and boxing.... that kid has some interesting hobbies.  He went from the Cello to now boxing.  But hey whatever he likes it works!! ill have to watch out for him when I get back so he doesn`t hurt me too bad.
I like the goal to go once a week to do baptisms.  thats one thing I wish I did more of and I want to make a goal to go to the temple once a week when I get back home too.  I feel like out of all the hours that we have in the week I at least owe two to the Lord to do Temple work.
Well this week was good!! we made a lot of progress.  We have a single mother who were teaching.  the thing with this single mother is that she has 5 kids.  all under the age of 14.  they are so funny.  Its always way fun teaching them because the little girl who is 6 just tries and tickle me the whole time and trust me trying to teach and fend off a 6 year old girl trying to tickle you is quite tricky.... But its alright.  Whenever we come by the kids just come run and hug us its really humbling to see to be honest.  Also this week we found a miracle!! we had a lot going for us but then we had a lot fall through this month.  It frustrated me to be honest.  This week I fasted and Prayed and did everything I possibly could just to have a miracle baptism this month.  I stayed up late looking through the area books trying to find people that had already come to church so that they could get baptized this month and what do you know the Lord blessed us!!!  We found a Single dad this time with his 5 kids.  between the ages of 15 and 8.  The 8 year old has down syndrome.  They came to church this week and accepted to be baptized this 25 of july.  It really was an answer to a very desperate prayer.  Now we just have to work with him so that he's ready!!!  Lot to do!!

Also this week I had to buy a couple new pairs of pants.  needless to say the waist doesn`t fit me anymore and they have now ripped.  2 pairs.   So remember that money you guys sent when you came down? yeah I finally used that to buy the pants and still have a chunk of that money left over so don`t worry about it!!

Well Thank you for everything love you!!!!

Your Son, Elder Harrop

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