Thursday, June 18, 2015

With progression comes rough spots...

Wow thats really cool that President Bednar would do that (referring to the "face to face" internet discussion).  I`m sure it was something that he loved to do also.  thats really cool!! what were the questions like?? like doctrinal or more life suggestion things??
I`m sure there were quite a few more people like that just didn`t bother to put into practice what they said (referring to no more electronics in Sacrament meeting) and its sad to see because really its their loss.  I was guilty of that a little bit too before.  I never played games and stuff during sacrament because you always slapped me if I did but I always read off my phone.  And now I regret it because you miss out on so many things.  The spirit isn`t the same in your studies and inspired thoughts you can`t write down it really just isn`t the same. Foot notes you don`t use as much.  and your not as concentrated because your looking at a tiny screen. Technology is a great tool and theres a lot of great things about the gospel library app there really is but I would use them both.  It should be used as a way to enhance the study and learning through scripture study instead of replace it.  with the gospel library app you can use all the talks quotes and manuals that they have and so I think it would be a great tool to enhance studying but you have got to use the hard back scriptures. 
that`s crazy to me that this school year is almost already over..... its so crazy..... Already had morp.  two years ago that was me..... thats weird.... but i`m glad he enjoyed it!!! what did they do for their date and everything?? 
hahahahahah I can only imagine an interview with Jonathan and Troy Cox. that would be the funniest thing ever.  At least he obeys whether its to you or the Lord hes obeying at least.  thats one thing I wish I did more before was go to the temple.  I`m going to make it a goal when I get back to go to the temple once every two weeks at least.  preferably once a week.  The temples really are so close and accessible it is unreal. You don`t realize how blessed we are to be able to have SOOO many temples SOOOO close to our house.  
Tell Josh congratulations and also to his wife (thats really weird to say)  I can`t even remember her name but i`m sure its a very lovely name and they will live a very lovely life.
This week was normal but different.... I don`t know how to explain it.  My comp seems to think it went really well but I think theres still a lot to improve..... And you don`t have to put this part on the blog but you asked about it so im telling you. the branch that i`m in is really great im really impressed with the leaders and the desires to go out and do the work also. And we took a big step in progression I think. but with progression means that there were a couple rough spots.  This week in ward council they were just talking about whatever little thing they wanted it was all great things everyone wanted to join in and visit all these people and talking about every single less active that existed in peru and finally I finally stopped it all and was like what does any of this have to with what the ward mission leader presented. and they all just kinda looked at me and then I asked what the compromises that we left last week were and whether we completed them or no and of course no one had written them down and so that all went to waste and so I ended up getting on them a little bit... and they were a little bit bugged you could tell. then that night the whole stake had a training with the member of the seventy and he covered the exact point that I brought up in ward council and so after they all said yeah we were wrong its just like Elder Harrop said we need to be better at this.  So it was kind of an interesting transition but we made a took a big step I think as a unit.  
Our baptisms for this week didn't end up going through due to a couple issues but this week they are all set up and ready!!! so this week we should have two!! the following week we had a another person that was going to be baptized but we found out he lives in another area and so now that went as a free baptism for another set of elders..... but its alright we will see a miracle here pretty soon I'm sure because of it.  The next two we have set up for the sixth of june with a mother and daughter who are older but the daughter who like 25 has a major major major drinking problem and other problems that i probably shouldn`t include.  The other day we showed up to her house and she was so drunk she literally fell into the tree that was right next to her house but yesterday we went by and she was totally fine sane and we had a great lesson where the spirit was so strong and they both agreed to be baptized!! It will just be a little bit of a harder journey.  But i`m excited for it.  Theres a lot of work to be done and i`m ready to do it all!! Love yo guys!!! 
Elder Harrop 

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