Thursday, June 18, 2015

What a Great and Marvelous Work!!!

Mom I'm gonna ask something from you.  Don`t send the Package.  Really you guys spend enough money on me just to be here you don`t have to spend more money to send packages those things are super expensive.  
I`m glad that the wedding shower thing went really well and that the family is really nice.  I remember her being really bubbly outgoing and all that so I'm sure the family is really nice !!
Tell Josh thank you for the support and that I wish him the best of luck in his marriage schooling and everything and that he enjoys it all. Thank him for the great example he has given to me and the great person that he is always.  
I read Gages Email!! Thats so funny to me but hey I'm really glad that they get along and that that they are going to keep doing stuff together Theyre both really great people and admire them both.  
hahah Jonathan.  I can only imagine how it went with his play.  Did he at least have the beard to go with it and everything!?? you have to complete the part with the costume!!  Its going to throw me off sobad when I get back and Jordan towers over me. It's going to be a little bit sad but I'm happy about it! It will help him a lot.  
Dont go off burning people and taking off too many of these peoples heads off now!  but it is really true what you said that its for everyone and it doesn`t surprise me one bit that you took that project and are doing it now not one bit just have fun with it and I'm sure dad has some cool ideas you could do with it.  
Good old Jordy....... I just hope my car is in tact when I get back...... 
This week was the baptism of Luz y Carla!! They are awesome seriously some of the happiest people I've ever met!!! they are so nice humble and just willing to do it all!! When we were teaching tithing she literally asked us if there was a way to give more money so that others could have food and be provided for.  I was shocked but so humbled by it.  It was really funny because Luz, the mother, asked me to baptize her and so when I went to baptize her in the font I put her under and she kicked my foot out from under me my other foot slipped and so I went half in too!! only to my shoulder and I had to lift her out of the water on one foot!! But it all worked out! She got baptized, her daughter also, and they are as happy as ever!!  We went by their house yesterday night just to see how they are and they had already done some family history already planning to go to the temple on the 27 of June to be baptized for their ancestors !! It's crazy how far the work goes.  How really when you baptize one person it goes so much farther to baptize all of their ancestors as well!! What a great and marvelous work this is!! 
Right now this week we were going to baptize Jesus but he now lives in another area..... BUT he called me yesterday and says that he wants us to do the baptism and everything because he feels that he should do it with us since we taught him, visited him, and everything so this week we should baptize him !! 
The 6th we have two more set up but this one is going to take some work.... they are awesome but the daughter of like 25 years old has a serious drinking problem and was robbed and beat up and jumped Friday because she was reading the book of mormon outside the other day..... so she wasn`

t too happy and went to go drink.... BUT she has made great progress she went from drinking every day heavily to almost going the whole week with out drinking.  Until she was robbed and beat up and then went drinking after..... BUT I HAVE FAITH THAT SHE WILL BE BAPTIZED!!!!!!
I love you all!!!! really Thank you so much for the package offer but use it on you guys!!!! go out to dinner for me take a pic and it will be even better!!! 
Thank you and love you!! 

Luz y Carla

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