Thursday, June 18, 2015

White Night

We had a white night in the stake!!!!!!!!
We had 17 baptisms Saturday as a stake and us personally had 2! and I tell you what they were all miracles.
Liz has been a complete roller coaster....... She's a bipolar, alcoholic, with traumatizing experiences from her past, and much more that I probably shouldn't include......  It has been crazy..... But she did it!!!!!!!!! I was so happy!!!!! and relieved.  I told my comp this last week if she doesn't get baptized this week I don`t know if I`m going to live through all this for another two weeks.....  But she did it!!!!!!!!! I'm telling you it was a complete miracle!!!!!!! 
It really was just a complete week of miracles.  First with Liz.  That this actually went through is a testimony to me that the Lord really does guide this work for His children.  
Then the other baptism that we had was Carmen! This last week she was the one who went to the baptism, prayed, and came out crying telling me she wanted to be baptized.  This week has been a roller coaster with her too.  Saturday was when she told us she wanted to be baptized.  So we had to teach a whole lot in a little amount of time.  ALSO she wanted her baptism to be a surprise for her cousin Luz y Carla who recently were just baptized.  Its the birthday of Luz this week and so she wanted this to be like a birthday surprise also.  So we had to hide all this from her cousin. They live in the same house which was really hard to do.  Then we got to Saturday and we went everything normal then about an hour and a half before her baptism she called us and said she couldn't do it because she was sick which always happens before the baptisms of everyone so it didn't really surprise me so we went over to see her and her back went out she had a fever, said she couldn't walk and asked to postpone the baptism.... But like I was going to let that happen!  So we talked with her and gave her a blessing and everything and she came!!! the next part was trying to hide her from her cousin Luz so that we could keep the surprise!!! Finally Luz and her daughter Carla got there and of course had to go to the bathroom.... where Carmen was...... But don't worry we hid her. haha Then finally when it was time I went in and said "Luz we have a surprise for you!" she turned around to see Carmen dressed in white ready to be baptized. Luz and Carla just started crying. It was so cool to see.  They all just cried.  After the baptism Luz told me that she had been praying so that Carmen would be baptized.  Carla told me she had tried so hard to convince Carmen to be baptized also.  And what do ya know the Lord answers prayers and she was baptized!!!! 
After Carmen came and told me "Thank you.  If it wasn't for you I wouldn't have been baptized.  If you hadn't come over and talked me into it and gave me the blessing none of this would have happened."  A complete miracle.
THEN I was really worried that we were not going to have many people to attend church this week.... everyone  that we were teaching bailed out on us and I was really worried..... I just prayed for a miracle because I didn't know what else to do..... We worked hard did everything we could..... but everyone just flaked out.... so I just prayed for a miracle.  And what do you know we got one.  We showed up to church with one of the families we had been teaching we sat down and saw that one of the families less actives we were teaching had brought another family with them to church as a surprise for us!!! I was shocked.. So we went and met them that night went and taught them. It really was a week of miracles...... The Lord truly is guiding this work.  and blesses us for doing all that we can do.  I love the mission!
Liz y Carmen

White Night!

Member's home!

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