Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A glimpse of what God can see

Here it's winter and we're on the coast so it gets kinda cold sometimes but right now its warm. I`m out here in a short sleeve just fine and still get a little burnt but theres other days where with the wind and at night without the sun it gets kinda cold.   this was a good week I would say!! 
The best part of it all was Saturday and Sunday!  This week they dedicated a Temple in Peru!!!! IT was awesome.  Saturday they had a cultural event that they broadcasted out and it was awesome.  They just had all the youth from all over the country do their cultural dances from their history and all and it was so cool.  I really am so blessed to serve in a country who has such a rich and great history!!!! It was so cool to see their dances and amazing clothing and colors.  Most of all though was to see the love they had for the church.  President Uchtdorf was there with Elder Bednar and at the end of the ceremony they all just shouted and cheered as loud as they could and you could just see the love and the excitement the gratitude that they had to have a living prophet in their presence.  It just seemed as if they had been waiting forever to have something like this to happen.  And really they were!!! it was unreal you could literally just see the love they had for them.  
Then Sunday was the dedication!!! before the dedication they had a program that they played with temples from all over the world and the insides of some of them. And one of them was Rexburg!!! They showed the Rexburg temple and I felt like the coolest kid ever because I`m the son of the guy who designed that amazing temple!! But then the dedication... It was so cool I had participated in them before but this is one that I'll never forget.  It was different than the others and I don't even know why but it was just so amazing to see it all.  
The best part was at the end we all sang the Spirit of God and it was one of those surreal moments where it really just felt like I got just a little glimpse of what God can see.  It was like a dream.  I could just feel and hear every member in all of Peru singing this song to dedicate The House of the Lord and I got a glimpse of what God must have felt.  I imagine to look down and see his children singing praises to him and dedicating this house unto him how he must of felt.... It was unreal.  The Temple is the House of the Lord.

The week really was kind of slow at the beginning which I was kind of worried about at first but then yesterday it seemed like it all picked up.  In my area its one of the harder areas in the mission to find married families.  But yesterday we found 3!! I was amazed.  Before it was with luck that we found more than that in a week!!! but we found that in one day!!  It really was a testimony builder to me that really the Lord prepares the way.  We just have to be patient in all that we do.  If we do our part, and were obedient the blessings come.  I love the poem "Invictus."  (bet you never expected to hear those words come out of my mouth) but I really do.  it talks about how he went in with his head beat and bloodied but came out with his head held high.  Because i`m the master of my fate.  I`m the captain of my soul.  We have the experiences and yeah its sad sure but after its "what are we going to do about it?" let it affect us in that way for the rest of our lives and pout or are we going to make a difference and do something about it?  Happy Fathers day Dad your the best!!!!!!I can``t tell you how grateful I am for Dad.  Really I have seen really sad things that have happened to the family because fathers have made some pretty stupid mistakes and I can`t express how grateful I am for Dad.  Its something I will never be able to pay him back for.   
It is unreal how inspired that proclamation on the family is.  I hand that out more than anything else.  Its the secret to success as a family.  Thank you for being the parents that taught me that.  the parents that have given me the example to follow instead of having to break the cycle I just have to follow.  Thank you.  You have no idea how grateful I am for that.   love you all!!

This is the son of one of the less actives we are reactivating.  They stuck him there and just let him hang because he was scared to let go and fall.  It was so funny to see.  He just hung there and everyone watched him for like 5 minutes. 
So I told myself I wasn`t going to take selfies but thes kids are just too cute to not do it... Jack and Brenda.  kids of the family we are reactivating 
It was the birthday of Luz this week and so she invited us over for lunch! 

This is my shoe!!!! it basically died this week but it still works!! I'm gonna use these for the rest of my mission so don`t even think about sending me new ones and I still have the other pair so its all good.  I am going to use it how it is!!!! I like to think of it like the gladiator shoes where they just have the strap of leather around the ankle.  It just makes me more powerful.  

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