Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I hope all of you are well and I love all of the pictures that you send the seriously are the best!! Its amazing to see what you guys are doing. 
It seems like you had the time of your life, and i'm so happy to see that. 

This week was one a kind.  So to start.  Saturday night Elder Romero decided to pass out.  It was really funny actually because we were standing outside of an investigators house just talking waiting for the dad to get back so that we could go in and teach them.  so me and elder romero were just talking outside and he hit his head on the window said "oh ow" and then just fell It was so weird the best part is that there was a car and dog house next to him so his head fell behind the dog house his torso in between the car and dog house with his legs propped up on the car passed out.  It was really strange at first but really funny also.  luckily he woke up after 5 seconds and is totally fine so no need to worry.  haha After It made me think of  Prom when my date passed out...... and yeah those were the days...  I couldn´t tell you why people just pass out around me but i´m gonna keep telling myself its because im just that good looking!!

Secondly Sunday our mission got chosen out of all the missions here in the area to do a training video that will be sent out to the whole area.  which is every mission in 5 countries down here in south america (peru colombia argentina chile and bolivia.  and our ward got chosen to do the training!!   So Sunday I spent the day getting interviewed and taking clips of what we do as a ward and missionaries to have the success that we have here!  It was a really cool experience.  It was pretty legit stuff with lights and microphones and everything but now here in about a month it'll go out to every ward in these five countries!!!

We also had some miracles happen.  This transfer we had some pretty crazy stuff happen with people going to be baptized.  We had people that 3 days before their baptism just flat out said no they didn´t want to repent and so that fell through we had another who literally got thrown out of his house a week before his baptism and we didn't know where he was or what happened others who are normal investigators who just decide they don´t want to do it.  Which its been a little tougher because you have that goal to baptize every week and you have it all set up and weird things happen and it all goes down the drain.  But this week we have the baptism of Marleni! who is the single mother with the down syndrome son. Mother and son they are the best.  I love this Down syndrome child (trystan) he is amazing.  I seriously just look at him and it just makes me smile and she is the best I´m so excited for this baptism this week.  Also when we came to church this week we found another investigator (the one that thrown out of house) he came back!!! and so now we have things set up with him for baptism, and then we just had a guy that had received all the mission lessons and was ready to be baptized just move into our area!  I was shocked.  just out of the blue in spite of every thing that has happened this transfer with our baptisms these two just popped right back in.  I know the Lord blesses us and watches over us.  It is his work and he directs it.  If we do as we are taught he blesses us with success even when it all looks like it fell through.

I love you guys!!
Elder Harrop


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