Sunday, April 19, 2015

Welcome to Peru!!!

Hahahahahahahahaha I love this letter (referring to a letter we sent him with some experiences we were having in Peru).  It makes me laugh so hard because I understand every part of it.  The bribing the bus driver to the traffic to the highspeed everything.  Thats one of the reasons I said don´t take public bus is because they just go off roading all the time at that speed and it gets crazy especially when its jam packed so it makes me laugh to hear all your stories.  I love all the pictures!!! they are all awesome!!! I´m glad you got to a do a little bit of touring too!! the beaches there look really nice!! I´m glad! I also like the part they showered you with hugs and kisses because thats how they greet here is with kisses.  Its hard as a missionary because you just have to deny everyone and they get a little confused and offended sometimes but its alright theyll live.  I think its a cool tradition though to just greet everyone that way I think the U.S. should do it too.  The cockraoches are nasty little buggers they are all over and we just go on rampages killing them all.  
The store system here I think is the best thing ever.  I can just go right accross the street say I want some yogurt and cereal and bread and walk back in my house.    Ive only bought from like a super market 3 times because its just easier and a lot of times cheaper to do in the street.  and its so nice when your walking the whole day to just be able to stop by a little store on your way and buy a coke instead of having to buy in bulk and try and do something with it to last you.  I love the store system here.  Thats one thing im gonna miss is the stores here.... its a genious idea i think.  
I went to immigrations yesterday and I´m officially peruvian!!!! I also had some trouble with the legal papers funny story but it all got figured out and now im legal with a DNI and everything!!! thats why im writing now instead of yesterday.  I love all the pictures and videos!!! did you guys get sick from ceviche?? and lung?? the soup looks quite interesting ill be honest haven´t had that one quite yet.  
Theres not much to report for the week as it was quite something else but its alright because we are learning a lot and I can´t wait for this week to be even better!!!
I can´t wait to hear about the rest of the week and what happened!! it looks like you all are having a good time and making a big difference!!!! I love it all and can´t wait to hear about the rest of the week!
love you all!
Elder Harrop

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