Wednesday, November 26, 2014

November 24, 2014

Peru is amazing.  Literally I can´t even describe it.  The people the places its amazing.  Its definately better than I expected.  We got straight to work once we got off the plane and let me tell you You don´t realize how much spanish you don´t know until you get here.  The first two days I was so lost.  I learned how to fake it so good though.  haha my spanish has improved a lot though.  needless to say i still need a lot of practice.  a lot.  That´s why  i got two years though. 
My companion is awesome.  ¡LO MAXIMO!  All those prayers really paid off.  I don´t think ive been around a better teacher than him.  I´m learning so much from him.  HIs name is Elder Castillo is from South Lima the mission boundary is about an hour from his house. haha but he loves it here.  He has about 15 months in the mission and is a stud. 
The food here is really good. Its different because for lunch and dinner really they just have like bread maybe some juice then for lunch they eat a ton.  so It´s a little bit adjusting from the all you can eat CCM to actually having to wait and all that. haha 
I haven´t got any packages yet so I don´t know when I will but i´m sure theyll get here!! Literally anything you can send like peanut butter NUtella things like that are great little candies i can give to the kids any of that is great!!
The kids here are my favorite there is a family by the name of Harrera here who has 8 kids just baptized two weeks ago and the kids are awesome.  I have handshakes with them where we do all this crazy stuff then at the end we hit heads together like Crush from finding Nemo its so funny. Theyre crazy but i love them. Marco one of the kids teaches me spanish with his little how to learn spanish newspaper so eventually i will get good at it.  
The transportation here is nuts.  It´s so fun though.  they literally are the best unsafe drivers ive ever seen in my life.  there are no rules at all.  they just have speed bumps to control speed and half the time they just go off roading around it.  the buses which we use a lot don´t stop if they have to stop for you to get on they get mad.  So it´s literally they slow down for you to get on and you jump on.  its so much fun. We walk a ton too. a ton but its good because you get to meet more people and stuff.  
We set three baptism dates this week!! one of them is a woman who we taught last night and she loved the fact that she could have an eternal family.  I have the picture of our family taped in my scrips so that i can show the people my eternal family so she is going to be baptized in a couple weeks.  the other two is a woman and her son who has a disability. When i extended the invitation i thought she said no.  so the whole time i thought she said no turns out she said yes but wants to have another kids using a sperm donor I don´t know i can´t understand all the vocab in english let alone in spanish.so yeah.... 
It´s amazing here.  I love it.  the joy you see in their lives and how special they feel.  It is a privelage to be a missionary thats for sure.  
Church was good.  Its funny because we started the meeting with about 30 people and finsished with about 80 because everyone just shows up late.  The people here are very willing to listen and be nice and invite you back talk with you but have a hard time keeping committments.  Ward council i thought  i was going to die. can´t understand a thing they said.  I can always tell if i will be able to understand them by seeing how many teeth they have.  Less teeth less i understand them. haha but it was good. I can´t wait for the packages!! There are maybe about 20 primary kids.  8 young men 6 YOung woman not a lot.  Mom, you keep telling me jealous about me being here! YOu should be jealous because its awesome here.The stores are just little holes in the wall with prison bars guarding it. you stand outside and tell them what you want and they get it for you. at least in my area its different in othrs.  but no like i said its a lot of bread.  a lot.  we have penscion (person who makes lunch for us, we go to her house to eat, and then we pay her at the end of the month) for lunch everyday and every day they chicken rice and beans which is really good.  Lomo Saltado all that is for the pricier high class things. so haven´t had that yet. 
Mom: Do they do your laundry too? 
yep:) haha i just have to buy bread cook eggs or whatever other thing i get at the store.  we get about 3 soles for each meal which is basically about what 2 bucks in american dollars?? its crazy how inflated america is with currency!  have so many pics to send back but i cant do them all in one visit so over the weeks youll get more pics.  I have a ton with people from the CCM but with time ill catch up on it.  HOws home?? you feeling better?? alright im out!!! love you guys ill talk to you next week!! almost time for skyping at christmas which is crazy!! Love you! HOpe all is well. love you all!

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