Saturday, October 18, 2014

No Speako Spanisho

Letter sent on October 16, 2014

Hello!!!!! So as you can tell thursday is my p day and this keyboard is trippin me out (spanish keyboard) so just bear with me on all this.
First week!! It really feels like I have been here about a month. But at the same time it has gone by pretty fast so it has been really good.  Honestly I really like it here.  The food is actually a lot better than everyone made it out to be. One of the other Elders I was talking to who is leaving this week was telling me that they have made it so much better since they got a new food person or something I don' t know but I probably eat more fruit here than I have anywhere else so who knows I may be eating healthier. 
First off my companion.  This guy is the most unique person you'll ever meet. Take a look at the pictures and every assumption you make about him is 99% likely to be true also he is a character I tell you.  So he's basically fluent in spanish and so that is all he talks in.  And as I have found out I know absolutely nothing.  He will say something and I'll have no idea what he is saying so I just look at him and go no speako spanisho and then he tries to explain what hes trying to say in spanish still and so i still have no idea what half the things he says are.  fun facts about him.  He is from Seattle.  He is 20 years old.  He was converted by his ex girlfriend at age 18.  the story took him about 45 minutes to tell but ill summarize for you.  his girlfriend introduced him to the missionaries.  He was baptized and then the girlfriend dumped him.  good story huh?? anyways.  he also is a screen play writer. he has wrote 5 movies, was in a band in highschool they released an experimental rock album once. The best part I think is the nick names he had in highschool and college.  First since he has been converted at age 18 he has told me hes been on one  date since.  But he continues to tell me that all the kids at his school called him ''mormon man slut'' when he told me this i was dying. laughing on the floor.  anyways im sure more things will come back to me about him later that ill make sure to include because he is the man.he also has a lot of stories that he likes to tell.  Let me tell you one ´''one time my friend brought a crow bar to school.  so when we went to lunch my friend pulled out this crow bar and went 'i dont think i am supposed to have this' and then put it back''. that was the story. he talked about how great this story was for like 30 minutes before telling it. stupidest story of my life.  but none the less he is a character and he keeps things interesting.  haha he is hard to teach with though.  he goes off on so many tangents that i dont know what hes talking about the investigator were teaching is so confused.  one time he told the investigator the bible wasnt true and then invited him to be baptized with out telling him what baptism was and explaining the importance. again all in spanish so i was confused didnt know how to say or what to say after all that it was literally a disaster.  but anyway its getting better. 

They put me in the intermediate spanish class because of the years that i took in school.  But apparently here intermediate means fluent.  7 out of the 8 kids in my class(district) are fluent. i am the only one that is not.  i got in there and literally knew absolutely nothing they were talking about.  the teacher would ask questions and everyone would participate and all that then the teacher would call on me thinking that im just this really shy kid not wanting to talk she was trying to get me involved ya know but i had absolutely no idea what the heck she was talking about.  she would call on me and i would just respond in english saying ''yeah i don't know what you just said'' and everyone thought i was hilarious because i was such an idiot.  so the first couple days kinda sucked in that way.  however.  i don't think i have ever worked as hard on anything than i have on this language. and it really has shown.  i went from zero to actually doing really well. even everyone in the district and the teacher was like you literally went from nothing to being one of the better ones.  so that was really nice. with that being said i still need a lot of work theres so many rules that i dont even know in english so i dont know how i am supposed to know them in spanish but it will come i know it.  

myself and Elder Callaway were made the district leaders. So that is kind of a cool experience.  Dont know why they chose me because i am the worst spanish speaker the CCM has but none the less here i am as district leader of district 4b.  

I really dont know how to describe my experience here because it is a lot of work, and it is kind of frustrating to see everyone around you be fluent speaking nothing but spanish.  absolutely zero english even though they are a bunch gringos. freakin ridiculous... but only spanish and here i am trying to teach myself all the rules and verbs and words but it will help me in the long run i know. 

I hope everyone is doing well!! I would love to know about everything that goes on with everyone send pictures all that good stuff because it is really good to hear about all that i think. 

Elder Harrop 

(p.s. Alex said it best when he said he missed his first name.  I do too actually.  No one can pronounce it so whatever way they try to pronounce it i just tell them its correct. these latinos man... and excuse my capitalization and punctuation this computer is trippin me out.)

Mom: On a scale of 1 (none) to 5 (very) how homesick are you (I won't be offended if it is a 1, I just want to know you are happy) 

Caleb: On a scale of one to five probably like a 2 because i really do miss you guys a lot.  i think about you all every day but i know that you are all better off with me here rather than me at home.  so thats the only reason why a two. love you!!!!!!!!
Mexico CCM

Elders Harrop and Callaway

District 4b

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