Sunday, October 2, 2016

You Did All You Could. Thank You

Well this week was a good one for us!! It looks to be a good month of August here!! 

One experience this week.  

So here in the offices i´m the financial secretary but on top of that the District Leader so with that I interview the baptismal candidates,  last week I had the opportunity to interview a man before his baptism.  He had a lot of doubts and so it was an interesting experience but a really spirit guided interview.  

For some reasons he wasn´t able to get baptized.  In this interview I did all that I could to help this man to accept a baptism date.  The elders had worked hard for it and I did all I could to help him but just wasn´t ready to commit to a date. So I tried doing my part to help in the interview.  I came out of the interview a little frustrated with myself because I wasn´t able to help him.  

I thought a lot about it and then the next week I was able to visit this man again in his house with the elders, and being with him we started talking and covered a lot of things. At one point he sat there for a second in silence looked up and said "I feel that I should do this." he stood up came over to me gave me a hug and said "thank you.  This interview we had helped me more than you can imagine.  I will be baptized. I will.  thank you for helping me so much.  I can´t thank you enough." 
I know that was a sign from the Lord saying "you did well. You did all you could. Thank you"

I´m so grateful for all this work.  There are miracles happening! I¨m so grateful for it all.  I promise to keep doing my part and we are going to see great things happen!! 

Love you all

Elder Harrop 

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