Sunday, October 2, 2016

We Bring to You Hope

July 18, 2016
This week was really good for us a lot of cool experiences.  
First off we found Luis. He is an older man, hard of heart. Claimed to be catholic and that he would die catholic. We started to teach him and when we got to the part about Jesus Christ´s ministry we asked a couple questions and he came to admit that he didn´t believe in Jesus Christ. After going in a little bit deeper we found out why. Years back his father had cancer and passed away. Then shortly after his mother was really sick. Was in bed for a long time and suffered for a long time. He said that he prayed and prayed so that God would take her, just so that she wouldn´t suffer. But it never happened. He prayed for help but it never came. He finished by looking at me in the eyes and saying "Don´t tell me there is a Jesus Christ. And if there was He isn´t merciful." It was really sad to hear that, but this is when it became a cool experience for me. 
We expressed our sorrow for him and what happened but then explained to him. You can keep believing that and keep being bitter with God. And you will keep living without any hope in your life. You will keep being miserable, and nothing will get better. 
But Hermano what we bring to you here today is a hope. A hope that you don´t have right now. Because there is a Jesus Christ that in all the things that happen that are unfair can fix ALL of those things. And he will fix it all. This is what makes us happy. We too have passed through difficulties but the difference between you and me is that I have a hope for something better and to see them again and right now you don´t. But I want to give you this hope. I want to help you have it so that you too can experience a happiness that you have never felt before. 

This grumpy old man just sat there. Going from just trying to debate with us about a Jesus Christ just sat. And at the end we invited him to pray. We kneeled down and I witnessed this old bitter angry man cry like a baby as he prayed for the first time since his mom had passed away. Saying in this prayer sorry for leaving God. And for denying Christ. 

The spirit was so strong there and it was exactly what he needed. The spirit knows everyone and how we should talk with them. We were definitely bold with him but what makes the Boldness okay is that it was with the spirit and always showing love. 

This week we should have another baptism and so here we go with the White Finish!!! A lot of good things going our way!! 

Elder Harrop 

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