Sunday, October 2, 2016

More Miracles

This week we saw a lot of miracles.  

On monday I had the opportunity to do a baptismal interview, and it went really well.  I learned a great lesson from this.  Everything started off normal but We got maybe 5 minutes into it, and he started to express a couple of problems that he had gone through.  Now it was really interesting because I was just able to sit there and listen.  I listened very attently, and we had a great interview.  It led to a topic on the Atonement of Christ, and it is was a very spiritual experience, but at the end of the interview, this man looked at me and just said "thank you" I didn´t know for what becuase really most of the time I just sat listening to him.  He said "thank you for just listening.  I know i´ve talked about a lot of things but thank you for just listening"  He was baptized on saturday and after the baptism I went up to congratulate him and again he just looked at me and said "thank you for just being there and listeing to me."  It really hit me that sometimes people just want to be heard!! and if we listen in the right way that we allow them to feel the Love of the Lord through us.  Without even saying too much!!

Another couple of miracles we saw this week! 

We have a couple that are going to get married this next monday and they were good, not great but we had a great lesson to change that.  We taught them and they expressed a couple of trials they had, and From that moment we were able to turn it into a very spiritual experience. We taught about Christ. The Atonement. And at the end it was so powerful to hear the testimony of this man who sat their crying testifying of Christ and the difference that he has made and how he had forgotten but never again will.  A huge change in their attitude. He even said "one thing that the other missionaries before I feel didn´t put as much emphasis on was in Christ. And that was exactly what we needed. Christ" 
Then after that we were sitting at church when a member came up to us and said "hey elders I want to present you to someone. " This man had been attending Church in Cajamarca and made the decision to look for the church here in Lima so that he could keep going. It was a complete Miracle! Out of nowhere this man showed up on his own! 
This last week we were supposed to have 2 baptisms . But their landowner kicked them out of the house and had to move to Huaraz by emergency. They called to tell us that on wednesday. In that last lesson we had with them, we just happened to have a member with us who works in the temple. He wrote down their names and said I´m going to put your names in the temple. Well the whole weekend went by and even the member asked us about them to see if anything happened. We told him that they moved to Huaraz like they said and they were going to attend there. Today in the morning I got a call from them. She said "Elder we seem to have got it all fixed. We are staying here in Los Olivos. When can you visit us?" It was a complete Miracle. We have a cita today. I hope all goes well and that they can be baptized this next week as well.

I know that as we do all we can to do our part that the Lord blesses us.  He provides us with miracles and I¨m so grateful for that.  

Love you all!!!
Elder Harrop

We made completos today.  Its a food from Chile.  

Also remember Elder Huanca??? my comp from when I called home on Christmas? He got called as Assistent to the President yesterday!!!!  so now he will be in the offices with us!!!!  Hes a great guy.  I¨m really excited to see what he can do there.  

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