Sunday, October 2, 2016

Infinitely Grateful

This week was another good one down here in Peru!!!! We had the last zone trainings with president this last week..... They go home in two weeks and so they are going around doing their last devotionals.... Its pretty sad.   

The new mission president is from Connecticut.  I think it will be the first person I meet from Connecticut in my life.  

In my studies this last week I focused a lot on the Atonement.  I was able to learn a lot but also comprehend it better and I am so grateful for the Atonement.  Everything about it.  Some of the talks that I was reading were: 
"The Atonement" Russell M Nelson
"The Atonement" Boyd K. Packer.
and a lot of others that were great.  

I especially liked the one by Russell M Nelson where he talks about the Atonement being Infinite.  It was really interesting to see the insights on that. I remember President Archibald giving a training on that "Infinite" part of it and so It was also really cool to see his perspective on the infinite side of it.  
The Atonement is the greatest thing.  I don´t even know where I would be without it.  I have made my promise to hold on to it as tight as I can so that I can too can enter into the Kingdom of My Father.  My mind can not comprehend it fully and it never will.  But I can be infinitely grateful.  And I am.  

Thanks for all that you all do.  I´m blessed with the greatest family ever.  

Elder Harrop 

I hope you all go to see Alex for me this week.  Give him a hug and buy him a chocolate shake for me.  Also you have to bug him about Lebron coming back to win the finals.  

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