Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Spirit is Real


Well this week was a good week for us!!!

First off the call on mothers day.  I will be calling home at 330 Peruvian time.  So it will be at 230 there in Utah if i´m not wrong.  I have skype here and so ill call you just have it ready about 30 minutes before just in case.  

Its so much to be here working with Elder Budge,  we have a lot of fun here and i´m so excited that I can be here working with him!!! hes a great missionary, and we are about to baptize the world here!!!

This week started out with all the transfers getting up at 5 going to bed late trying to get everyone to where they should be but I really wouldn´t trade it for the world.  

We have quite a few great people that we are teaching and it looks like may should be a great month for us!!   

A couple of spiritual experiences.  

We were waiting for a member to come with us one day, he was taking a long time and ill be honest I was kinda bugged. He got out of the taxi and told us hey the driver is my buddy you guys want to teach him so we went to the church and taught him. It went really well and it was a miracle that the Lord put in our path really.  He literally brought him right to us and so it was a really spiritual experience for me to see the change of heart he had and how the spirit could testify and confirm that to him right there. 

The other one was we found this guy and we were teaching him and he told us a little bit about his life and he has had a rough life. Unfortunately bad decisions haven't helped him and he was struggling. We got to the first vision and after he heard it he broke out in tears saying "that was the first time i´ve heard that, i have been thrown out of other churches but now there is something in my heart telling me this is the one" as his tears rolled down his face. The spirit is real and miracles are happening every day!!! 

Love you guys lots and its crazy we are almost to the last call.... crazy to me.... 
but here goes to the last 6 months!!!!

Elder Harrop 

Also the prom pics are looking really good!!!! Looks like it was a good time!!! tell them all they look good and i´m really proud of them all!! 
Two gringos in Barranca

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